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Deno P Ellis

Freelance Book Writer, Script Writer, & More

Location:Nassau, Florida, United States
Phone: 4073747964
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I'm Deno P. Ellis, I was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas, but I be throughout the United States alot. I am an up & coming motivational speaker, an author, a poet, a singer/songwriter, a script writer for films as well as music videos, a speech writer, vocal caoch, cartoonist (character voice singing/speaking) and talent scout.

I have written more than 100 songs, 3 books, 100 poems, 2 feature films, 1 music video script, and many speeches for politians, principals, teachers, pastors, motivatinal speakers, including myself.

I live my life encouraging others to be all that they can be. I'm considering running for political office, but I leave that in God's hands. I dont ask for much out of life, only to be love, respected, appreciated and cared fore. I came from humble beginnings and I know what it is like to see a child hurting as a result of disadvantage and lack, and because of it, I thank God each and every day for putting me in the position to be of help to others and bless their lives so that they can live abit easier.

I love traveling, cookng, speaking, singing, writing, dancing, site-seeing and meeting people.