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Lindell Gross

Freelance Fiction Writer & Screenwriter

Location:Newark, Delaware, United States
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Lindell Gross

I was born in Chicago, Illinois and attended Percy L. Julian high school where I first began seriously writing short stories and later novels and still later screenplays. These stories usually consisted of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy elements. It was while working on the high school year book that I found a love of drawing and using visual images to tell a dramatic story.
Shortly after high school I moved to Richmond, California to pursue a career in music. After spending six years on the west coast I returned to my hometown of Chicago and worked on a few student films with friends.
It was these experiences which first led me to consider directing as a career.
I wrote and directed a short horror film, which was shot on an 8mm camera. Six years later I moved to Delaware, I had only been there for two years when a director friend back in Chicago called, wanting me to write a possible short film for him to direct; because writing had always been my first love and greatest passion (still is). I offered my director friend a few possible ideas.
A family member suggested turning one of my many film ideas into a potential short feature, as a vehicle for myself to direct.
Intrigued by the notion of directing once again - and not wanting to let a good idea go to waste - I fleshed out one of the log lines. Turning it into an outline, then an actual short script.
Utilizing friends and family as cast and crew, I completed what would become my directorial debut; the short film...Check Out Time. I have also posted a few of my scripts on and have had some wonderful feedback.

Currently, I am working on two feature film scripts, a TV pilot script, a comic book and a novel. He still resides in Delaware.
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