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Charlotte Greenwood

Freelance Drawer, Portrait Painter, & More

Location:Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Phone: 5145702659
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Charlotte Greenwood

Email/ Courriel :
Cellulaire: (1) 514-570-2659

A’Level (Cegep) : Fine art, Art History, French – Surbiton High School, Surbiton High School. UK 1988-90
National Diploma in Foundation studies – Central Saint Martin’s School of Art & Design, London, UK. 1990-91
Placement (studies)- The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, USA. 1992
BA Honors (Bac equivalent) Fine Art Sculpture – Chelsea College of Art & Design, London, UK 1991-94


Parallax Art Fair, London, England

Carry Your Message Silent Auction Fundraiser, Burritoville, Montreal, QC, Canada.

Blackjack 21, Cocktail des Présidents, presented by BBCM & Désjardins Banks, Opus Hotel, Montreal, QC, Canada.

3011 Odyssey Of The Future, Café des Arts, Place Emilie-Gamlin, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Work exhibited at ACCM 2011, Gallerie Dentaire , Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

“Exclusive Unveiling of “Sunrise Goddess”. A portrait of Toula Vanikiotis, by Charlotte Greenwood”- Kat Coric Studio, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

“Charlotte Greenwood- A Retrospective”- Le 4ème, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Curator: Charlotte Greenwood.

“The Paradox Of Consumerism In The Age Of New Baroque”- Kat Coric Studio, Montreal,
Quebec, Canada.
Curator: Charlotte Greenwood & Kat Coric.

“Life In Every Breath”- 2K Sushi Express, 253 Beaubien East, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Curator: Charlotte Greenwood.

“Ode Edo”- Smash Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Curator: Phil McLeod

Numerous Painting Exhibitions – Langedoc-Roussillon, France 1995-96
Graduation Show- Chelsea College of Art & Design, London, UK 1994
Whiteley’s Shopping Center- Atrium Gallery, London, UK 1993
Richmond Hill Gallery , Richmond-Upon Thames, Surrey, UK (several exhibitions)1988-89

•Art direction
•Special Effects: Sculpture, Painting, Prosthetics

Sculpting: Modelling in- clay, modelling waxes (Plastelines/ chavants), milliput, and sculpey, carving in foams, polystyrene, and wood.(Miniatures, Maquettes, Prosthetics and Creatures)
Painting: Airbrushing & Art Finishing, spraying, decorative paint finishing, texturing, prosthetics, drawing & illustrating.
Mold making & casting: Good all round mould making in- fibreglass (GRP), carbon fibre, silicones, alginate, and plaster. Silica sand casting lost wax for bronze & aluminium. Polyurethane plastics, life casting & Prosthetic molds.
Prosthetics: Sculpting prosthetics, seaming, mold preparation and pouring/ injecting of specialist gel silicones- both Tin and Platinum.
Model making: Good model maker. Breakaway effects, scale models, landscapes, objects & commercial products, vacuum forming.
Metalwork: General: welding (mig, arc), brazing, soldering.
Miscellaneous: Sewing & fabrication, basic fur, feathers dying general, soft puppets.
Machinery & Equipment: Competent command of workshop machinery – bandsaws, cross cutting saw, table saws, linishers, sanders & buffers, grinders, mig welder, plasma cutter. Good health & safety awareness.

Professional Experience. (complete work history/log)

Warm Bodies,Feature Film. Jonathan Levine (director)
Make-up Effects artist,
Zombie mke-up for up to 240 extras. Working with a team of between 10-15 Make-up artists.
Maestro FX, Adrien Morot (make-up effects supervisor)

Mirror Mirror Feature Film. Relativity Media, Tarsem Singh, (director)
Sculptor, modeller. Sculpture department.
Sculpting and molding sets and details of sets.

Tale Short Film. Keël Film Productions. Ragner keil (director)
Art Director, FX Make Up Artist, Props Supervisor.
Art direction included: co-ordinating the buying and building the props to be on the set of Tale. Designing, fabricating and applying make-up. Co-ordinating the wardrobe. On set Art Directing: making sure each location/set was in order and as desired by the director. Working with a make-up/ hair assistant and a props builder.

The Howling Reborn Feature Film. HR2010 Productions Inc. Joe Nimziki (director) FX Make Up Artist.
Fabrication of five foam latex ware wolf suits. Work involved seaming and painting the suits, laying and punching hair on the suits. On set: make up application, dressing and undressing the stunt men and some puppetering of the animatronic ware wolf head. Working with a team of eight. Maestro FX. Adrian Morot (company owner/director). Montreal, Canada.

Immortals Feature Film. Dow Productions. Tarsem Singh (directior) FX Prop Maker, Mold Maker.
Fabricated retractable weapons (daggers and swords) for insert shots and
Some fight scenes. Working with a team of 4. FX The Company, David
Loveday, (Company Director/Owner). Montreal, Canada

Fringe Pilot for TV series. JJ Abrhams (director/writer). Key Sculptor, make-up artist.
I was involved with the script break-down, job proposal, and a long and complicated phase of research & development before the start of the job. Then we had to fabricate several sets of full front-body silicone prosthetics in platsil silicone. There were about 50 pieces to apply. The effect was to give the illusion that the actor’s skin was dissolving and becoming transparent through viral infection. The prosthetics revealed the muscular and vernacular system inside the human body.
Application on set was about 3hrs. Working with a team of seven artists.
FX Smith. Gordon Smith (company director). Toronto, Canada.

Splice Feature Film. Key Sculptor, mold maker/ workshop technician.
Sculpted and fabricated a “blob” creature. Worked on research and development during production.
X Smith. Gordon Smith (company director). Toronto, Canada.

Love Guru Feature Film. Key Sculptor, mold maker.
Sculpted and fabricated (skin) a life sized female elephant (top half –to thighs) . Polyeurethane rubber skin.
Worked with a team of five sculptors. Steffaniuk FX. Ron Steffaniuk (company director). Toronto,Canada.

Siderwick Chronicles Feature Film. Assistant FX
Sculpted a breakaway section of the ceiling of an underground tunnel set. Part of a team of 6 people.Went on set to help rig the gag, and dress it. Intrigue FX, David Loveday (Supervisor). Montreal, Canada.

Sumo Glue TV Commercial. Senior Sculptor, Mold Maker
Sculpted,molded and cast a Sumo head mask for a Sumo suit. Steffaniuk FX, Ron Steffaniuk (Company owner, Supervisor)

Boston Pizza TV Commercial. Senior Sculptor, Mold Maker
Sculpted Oversized hands for a family of pizza eaters. Steffaniuk FX, Ron Steffaniuk

7-UP TV Commercial. Senior Sculptor.
Sculpted a series of melted human bodies over some steps. Involved life casting some hands.
Steffaniuk FX, Ron Steffaniuk.

Concept Development Promotional film project in progress. Senior Sculptor, Mold Maker.
Developed , sculpted, molded and cast a character for a company promo film. Steffaniuk FX, Ron Steffaniuk.

X-Men 3 Feature Film. Senior Sculptor, Mold maker.
Sculpted face prosthetics for Mutants, whilst retaining an element of human reality in the designs. I also Molded prosthetics. Special make-Up Supervisor Cory Castillano. Vancouver, Canada.

Scary Movie 4 Feature Film. Sculptor, Painter, Mold Maker.
Helped to sculpt an old age character make-up gag, of a catatonic old lady who gets sprayed with water in the face. Made molds. Painted a few 100 ears to make a pile of bitten ears.
Schminken Studios, Toby Lindalla (Company Director, Overall Supervisor) Vancouver, Canada

Final Days on Planet Earth Feature Film. Senior Sculptor, Mold Maker.
Sculpted a Claw arm for Daryl Hannah. Molded the arm. FX Studios, Joel Eschalier (Company Director, Overall Supervisor) Vancouver, Canada

Supernaturals TV Series. Sculptor, Painter, Mold Maker.
Sculpted new eyes into a life-Cast of the actor, molded and cast a silicone replica. Painted up the cast . Went on location as standby. FX Studio, Joel Eschalier (Company Director, Overall Supervisor) Vancouver, Canada

Snackman TV Commercial. Head Sculptor, Mold Maker.
Sculpted a marionette about 30 inches tall, with articulated limbs and animatronic head. Helped to develop designs for the head. Molded the body parts and cast in polyurethane foam.
Steffaniuk Effects- Ron Steffaniuk,(Company Director, overall Supervisor.) Toronto, Canada

Go-Gurt TV Commercial. Head Sculptor. Mold maker,Make-Up Artist on set.
Sculpted, molded and helped to paint a Zombie make-Up.Head and arm pieces. Went on set as standby make-up artist. Steffaniuk Effects- Ron Steffaniuk,(Company Director, overall Supervisor.) Toronto, Canada

London Drugs TV Commercial. Head Sculptor, Mold maker.
Sculpted an Action Figure, about7 inches tall to hold a pill bottle. Molded and cast in polyurethane plastic, and prepared for painting. Steffaniuk Effects- Ron Steffaniuk,(Company Director, overall Supervisor.) Toronto, Canada

Tik-Tak TV Commercial French Production..Senior Sculptor/ Mold maker.
Life cast the actor. Head& shoulders hands & feet.. Helped to prepare molds and cores for sculpting. Sculpted the hands and helped with the feet sculpt for a 7.5 ft tall Yeti costume.
EffektStudion- Göran Lündstrom (company Director/ Prosthetics Supervisor)Sweden.

Bodies series 2. BBC Production TV Series. Senior Sculptor.
Life casting the actress in the natural birth position. Sculpting of a fully functional birth rig. Sculpting of various pregnant bellies, and internal organs for a fully functional caesarean section rig. Millenium FX – Neill Gorton (Overall Special Make-Up Supervisor) UK

Doctor Who. BBC Production. TV Series. Senior Sculptor
Various tasks involving sculpting Auton heads, body and arms. Molding and casting seaming and painting. Created full head and neck prosthetics for two tree characters, and poured and painted a silicone creature inside the darlek.. On location standby. Millenium FX –Niell Gorton (Overall Special make-up Supervisor).UK

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. Warner Brothers. Feature Film. Construction Sculptor.
Was part of a team sculpting the Chocolate River set inside the chocolate factory. Pollystyrene. Construction Sculptor Head of Department- Francis Portier.UK

Sahara. Feature Film. Construction Sculptor.
Was part of a team of sculptors carving a rock set in a cave with large rock pillars. Bruce Gordon. (Supervising Sculptor) UK

Kingdom of Heaven. Feature Film. Painter.
Painted, and helped fabricate suits of armour out of polyurethane and leather.

Brothers Grimm Fairytales.
Feature Film. Department:Supervisor Sculpture/Painting.
Making all the brick components of the towers and any artefacts that were part of the towers/ ruins.
Painting all the elements of the job. Cutting Edge Effects Ltd. Robbie Scott.UK

Five Children & It. Psamead Productions. Feature Film. Art Finish Co-Ordinator.
Developing the art finishes on the It character and the shell. Painting maquettes. Developing the skin painting technique through tests with various products. Painting the shell.
Jim Henson’s Creature Shop.UK

Trojan War. Warner Bros. Graphic Artist Assistant. Painting various graphic designs onto the walls of the sets. Art Departmant/ Construction. Jim Stanes (Supervising Graphic Designer)UK

Vifit. Lukein TV Commercial. Sculptor/ Moldmaker.
Developing a full body suit prosthetic,with removable organ plate, of a medical dummy.
I was involved in sculpting and molding the body and hands.Pouring silicones and Gels. Unreal Rogier Samules (Supervisor) Amsterdam.Holland

Ella Enchanted. Miramax Production. Feature.
Head Sculptor/ Modeller and Painter.
Sculpted brick work and other details for Lamia Citadel towers and for an Aqueduct bridge @ 1/6th Scale, 1/32nd Scale and 1/10th Scale. Developed the paint finish for the Elf Village and Lamia Citadel. Was on set standby at Shepperton. Cutting Edge Ltd. Robbie Scott (model supervisor).UK

Kiss 100 Breakfast. T.V. Commercial. Head Sculptor/ Modeller and Painter.
Made trees, various props and painted/ dressed various model sets for a rat’s environment including 20’x30’ poly landscape and an alleyway of old buildings. Machine Shop. (Park Royal).UK

Ragu Meaty. Reactor Films, USA, T.V. Commercial. Make-Up Artist and Mold maker.
Made 7, 3/4 head casts to be transformed into stunt make-ups. Went on location (Poland) to apply make-ups.Poland & Ital

Bond XX: Die Another Day. Eon Productions, Feature.Sculptor/ Modeller. Sculpted and detailed a Korean Buddhist Temple bell @ 1/4 scale. Sculpted/ detailed a vase for the Temple. Made various dressings for the Demilitarised Zone: barbed wire, razor wire, lampposts, camera towers etc. @ 1/4, 1/8 & 1/12 scales. Robbie Scott (Model Supervisor) UK

Sprite. Coca cola/ Lowe. T.V. Commercial. Head Painter. Scumbled/ Seamed and painted 2 Sprite Goblins. One with skeletal mech., puppet rod activated. One stand –in puppet. Went on set as standby painter. Jim Henson’s Creature Shop (Camden).UK

Ogo Pogo. Hallmark/Jim Henson Production.Feature. Painter/Designer. Painted and partially designed the concept paint job for the baby Ogo Pogo sea creature. Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. (Camden)UK

Prosthetic Make -Up Course. Assistant teacher. I had to teach (with one other person) a class of 20 students how to make a prosthetic make-up from Sculpting through to Application in 6 weeks. This included writing notes in the form of photographic breakdowns, diagrams and text of what they were taught in class, and practical demonstrations of each stage. Delamar Academy of Make- Up (Fulham, London).UK

Adidas T.V. Commercial. Modelmaker / Moldmaker. Molded head sculpts of famous footballers, and fabricated articulation into the joints of mannequins making mounting points for the heads. Mattes & Miniatures (Bray Studios).UK

Nemesis. Rambert Ballet. (Random Dance) Modern Ballet Costume. Fabricator / Sculptor. Fabricated a series of foam pads to attach to the inside of a wet-look Lycra body suit. Sculpted spiky hairs from artwork, as shoulder pieces on the same costume. Jim Henson’s Creature Shop (Camden).UK

Dintopia. Hallmark Feature. Painter. I re-furbished the paint-jobs of some of the dinosaurs and Crocodiles from the film, to prepare them for exhibition in Eurodisney, Paris. Jim Henson’s Creature Shop (Camden).UK

Snow Queen. Hallmark T.V Feature. Assistant Fabricator. Fabricated 3 pairs of life- sized Polar Bear feet, for a Polar Bear costume. One pair had to be fabricated around a pair of Ice- Skates, with fabricated “old fashioned” style wood and leather skates around the feet, so the artist could ice-skate in the costume. Jim Henson’s Creature Shop (Camden).UK

I-Mode. TV Commercial.
Painter/ Finisher. Painted 3 maquettes of creature costumes. Jim Henson’s Creature Shop (Camden.)UK

Runner @ Soho 601. Post Production Company (London). Running for commercials and Pop Promos. Training on Maya 3.0 & 4.0 3D Animation software.UK

Mill Film Oscar. Mold maker. Moulded an Academy Award Oscar statuette and cast it ready for bronze casting. Mill Film. (Shepperton Studios)UK

Planet Internet. TV commercial.
Painter/ Finisher. & SFX Puppeteer in studio. Painted the legs, body and neck /head of a life size silicone animatronic ostrich. Hair punched the neck and head and feathered the body/ wings. (Julian Marsh Animatronics & SFX, Amsterdam.) Holland

Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone.Warner Bros.-feature. Sculptor/ modeller & digital artist. Project leader for the sculpting of 1300 picture frames @ 1/5 th scale, for marble staircase model. Digital artist for making the paintings for the frames on the same model. Robbie Scott (Models Unit Supervisor).UK

Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone. Warner Bros.-feature.
Painter & silicone technician. on set standby. Painted some of the concept goblin heads. Project leader for the making of 60 silicone pull-on head masks and hand puppets. Nick Dudman (Make-Up FX Unit Supervisor).UK

Band of Brothers. Spielberg-series. Painter/ model maker. Painted and textured 13, 7th scale buildings in a Paris street scene model. Made street lamps for the buildings and all the ornate wrought iron balconies. Helped make trees for a model landscape. Mattes & Miniatures. (Bray Studios)UK

Enigma. Feature. Mould maker & painter/sculptor, standby on set. Made and moulded skeleton dead heads & 165 dead bodies for 5 mass graves, using polyurethane rubber and J-foam. Rob’s Prop Shop, (Amsterdam.)Holland

BBC Wildlife. Exhibition- Bristol museum. Project Supervisor for the build of 12 foam latex mushrooms. 50 cm- 200cm. Sculpted, moulded, cast and painted. 2D3D (Holloway).UK

Conquistador. Stage show –Olé. Made a conquistador costume with drums on and a 2m tall red rose. 2D3D (Holloway)

1999 Millennium Dome-Money Zone. Exhibition. Model maker. Made various display boxes and props to assemble in gold plated shopping trolleys. 2D3D (Holloway).UK

McDonald’s. German commercial. Painter. Painted and finished a mouth interior of a wolf. Artem Visual FX (Perivale).UK
The Visitors. Disney feature. Painter. Painted and scumbled 3 sets of head prosthetics. Was on set standby. Artem Visual FX (Perivale).UK

The Button. Puffy Eyes Productions-short film. Head storyboard artist and on set photographer.UK

Flintstones 2 Henson's- feature. Painter, scumbler/seamer. Painted & seamed several of the creatures. Henson's Creature Shop (Camden.)

Gladiator. RSA feature. Mould maker. Made 300 GRP gladiator helmets. FBFX Ltd (Feltham).UK

Jason & The Argonaughts. Film.Henson's & Hallmark. Painter/Finisher. Painted and finished the Harpy’s legs for CGI colour reference scan. Jim Henson's Creature Shop (Camden.)UK

Arabian Knights. Hallmark Film. Mould maker/ Modelmaker. Made 1/25th scale model landscape, moulded palm tree trunks and cast 90 in grey foam. Stuart Murdoch Models & Effects (Pinewood Studios.)UK

Mr Benn. (BBC Choice TV) Project Manager. Sculpted. Molded, cast, painted a fibreglass head of Mr. Benn cartoon character. Charlotte Greenwood Co.UK

Farscape. Hallmark/ Henson (Sci-fi TV series, Australia). Painter/ Fabricator. Painted face/body prosthetics, Scumbled 50 complete prosthetic costumes, vac formed 100 stands and scull cap. Made tattoo stencils. Jim Henson's Creature Shop (Camden.)UK

Alice in Wonderland. (TV film Shepperton Studios) Painter/ Fabricator. Painted and scumbled 14 flamingo legs. Jim Henson's Creature Shop (Camden.)UK

Dr.Dolittle. (Stage Production ) Fabricator/Painter. Painted creature eyes, general fabrication of animated creatures. Jim Henson's Creature Shop (Camden.)UK

Freddie Star. (Stage show). Fabricator. Pattern design and fabrication of two inflatable rubber suits. Artem Visual FX Ltd (Perivale.)UK

Peugeot. (TV Commercial, France). Made ten breakaway clocks, soft props for action shots. Artem Visual FX Ltd (Perivale.)UK

Quanto. (TV Commercial, Spain). Model maker/Painter. Sculpted, moulded and painted large-scale daisy stamen and assembled petals. Painted large-scale leaves and blue bells for model garden. Artem Visual FX Ltd (Perivale.)UK

Shreddies. (TV Commercial). Model maker and Painter. Assembled and painted 20 upscale shreddies for a breaking rig. Artem Visual FX Ltd (Perivale.)UK

Crab & Lobster. (TV Commercial USA). Painter and Model maker. Moulded a real crab and lobster in silicone and cast in fast- cast resin, assembled and painted. Artem Visual FX Ltd. (Perivale.)UK

Castles. (Complementary gifts for clients). Mold maker. Re-touched models and moulded in silicone for electroplating in silver. Artem Visual FX Ltd (Perivale.)UK

Galaxy. (TV Commercial). Mould maker. Moulded a funnel shape for a chocolate vortex rig. Artem Visual FX Ltd. (Perivale.)UK

Adidas. (TV Commercial). Mould maker/ Foam technician. Made 10 moulds for mass production of World Cup '98 football boots - 250 pairs, in J-Foam. Artem Visual FX Ltd (Perivale.)UK

Adidas. (TV Commercial). Model maker. Assembled 6 stained glass windows in studio painted and distressed for aged effect; rigged for pyros. Derek Hendon Company (Kentish Town.)UK

Wind in the Willows. (TV Promotion). Painter / Model maker. Poly carved a 6'by 8' landscape with pond. Painted tree flats and backdrop. Standby in studio. Derek Hendon Company (Kentish Town.)UK

Rover 400. (TV Commercial). Mould maker/ Painter. Plaster spun a 4-ft. vase. Moulded in silicone/ plaster and cast in fibreglass. Textured and painted surrounding support. Artem Visual FX Ltd (Perivale.)UK

Cinderella & Belle. (Euro Disney). Sculptor. Sculpted 28-cm tall figurines of Cinderella & Belle for bubble bath and moneybox merchandising. Sly Models.UK

Beamish Red Stout. (TV Commercial. Costume fabricator. Cut patterns and fabricated two foam suits. Stallel & Vane. (East Sheen.)UK

Abbey National. (TV Commercial). Sculptor /Model maker. Sculpted, moulded and painted fibreglass head. Fabricated a Graduate costume with head for a Jack-in-a-box. Harris Blythe Ltd. (Tower Bridge.)UK

Steam Museum. (Exhibition) Model maker. Life cast a pair of hands in dental alginate. Cast in cold cast Aluminium fast cast. Made 3 resin samples illustrating the gradations in the water filtration system. Harris Blythe Ltd. (Tower Bridge.)UK

Beautiful South. (Pop Concert). Scenic artist. Spray painted 3 ,10mx 15m canvases for backdrops. Gerry Judah. (Kentish Town.)

Alien. (TV Commercial, Germany). Model maker. Plaster spun and moulded in fibreglass a console for the alien. Steve Wilshire Ltd. (Teddington.)UK

Disney Channel. (TV Game show). Model maker. Poly carved large soft props for children's game show. Steve Wilshire Ltd. (Teddington.)UK

Ferrari F1. (Goodwood Festival of Speed'98). Painter and set construction. Constructed 30 ft. Renaissance arch, painted and rendered as replica of Renaissance sandstone arch. Gerry Judah (Kentish Town.)UK

Pressure. (TV Commercial USA). Model maker/ mould maker. Plaster spun and moulded 12-ft. diameter dome. Painted and rendered to create industrial concrete fabrication. Artem Visual FX Ltd (Perivale.)UK

AEG. (TV Commercial, Germany). Model maker. Poly carved a 20-ft x 25-ft model landscape. Painted and rendered as Scottish rocks. Dressed and finished in studio. Artem Visual FX Ltd (Perivale.)UK

Fine Artist. (France). During this year and a Half, I worked in my own studio, painting for exhibitions. I was awarded Prizes for "Best new artist" and "Best painting" in two shows.