Joshua Haygood

Freelance Writer & Book Illustrator

Location:Texas, United States
2 Skills
I am a philanthropist by nature, and live for the thrills of learning about all kinds of subjects. Those who know me, know me not just for my devilish good looks, but for being pretty caring, hardworking, and charismatic. An ongoing college student and spirited musician, I tend to get around with the culture of the nation. My writing skills may include writing professionally for any article-based website, newspaper, or other sources, preferably those on topics related to health, science, humor, music and other hobbies, culture, traveling, fiction and nonfiction. The writing material I provide can include analytic works, as well as comparing and contrasting, rhetorical subjects, and poems. My abilities as a writer can also go as far as applying myself as a critic for any topics listed above. It will be non-biased, unless the supervisor issues otherwise, critique for things such as company products, musical works, video games, people and lifestyles. My lifestyle itself is pretty smooth, but I would love to express myself more in the creative world of writers.
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Book Illustration