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Jenn Williams

Freelance Poem Writer & Fiction Writer

Location:Odenton, Maryland, United States
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Jenn Williams was born in a small town in Massachusetts. Although Massachusetts was her birthplace she adamantly acknowledges Maryland as home. The last born with four sisters and one brother ahead of her, she found solace in writing and music. It was discovered at an early age; Jenn had a love for the English language and at the tender age of nine, wrote her first poem “The Last Flower”. Jenn for years kept most of her works to herself using her writing and poetry as an outlet only for herself. Even as a student at University of Maryland with a major in Communications, she did not feel that this was what she was destined to do. Ultimately she decided to change her major in the health field but did not venture into the career field until years later.

In the early 90’s she joined a hip hop group called Positive Nature and finally broke out of her shell and gave the world the first real peek of her talent. She performed locally and found something she loved music. Some years later, with overwhelming encouragement from her close friends, she decided to share her words with the world.

While enlisted in the USAF, her writing style changed from the traditional poetry and she explored the world of spoken poetry. The spoken word genre was both exciting and innovative to her and allowed her the artistic freedom to shine. While stationed at Tyndall AFB in Panama City, FL, she assembled a poetry club called the poetry players. Being an avid reader, she also formed a book club with nine others that met monthly to discuss a book of choice. Both clubs were detrimental to her overall improvement as a poet, speaker and as a writer in general. Jenn’s outgoing personality and quick-wit made her a popular figure on her base. She was honored to be asked to compile an original poem for her commanding officer’s wedding.

After her military service she moved to Jacksonville, Fl where she met other inspiring artists. She collaborated with these fellow poets and performed at The Poetry Jam in downtown Jacksonville in 2000. Equipped with more life experiences and a new found confidence; she entered a poetry contest and had one of her poems, “Sister of Mine” published in Voices in Print, Volume 27. After her publication, Jenn realized that her words mattered and made a decision to comprise a monthly online commentary simply entitled “Jenn’s Commentary”. Her commentary has been ongoing since 2002 and has hit various topics such as money management, self-esteem, and family issues. The positive feedback has made it easy for her to continue to write her commentary with ease.

Jenn has just completed a book of poetry entitled Just 2 Deep and a fiction novel entitled Always a Struggle which she plans to self publish this year (2011). Currently she is working on two non-fiction novels. One is a self help book that address everyday issues with a grassroots’ twist of knowledge and accompanied with poetry. Her other project is a book about her career of massage therapy. When not writing or performing, Jenn is the CEO and founder of Those2Hands Massage. ( her company has been in operation since 2002 and being a certified massage therapist allows her the artistic freedom to write often when the inspiration hits. Jenn’s next project will be a spoken word cd which will showcase her growth as an artist and hopefully encourage others. Jenn’s works can be seen on her online blog at
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