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Tamara Wilson

Freelance Song Writer & Writer

Location:Englewood, Colorado, United States
Phone: 3035014097
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Words are like paintbrushes, meant to portray the many different colors of thought on the canvas of the human tongue. Not one of these words, however, does justice to the masterpiece of unspeakable life to which it alludes; the power of the word is wrapped up in the beauty of its meaning, and the right words can paint the most lovely of pictures in the only place that they will ever be perfect --the mind's eye.

I love to work with words. Whether they be poetic, persuasive, or poly-purposed, I will take the time to find the right words for whatever is needed in the time given.

I can supply you with a more formal resume, as well as contacts, if necessary.
Just email me at and I will get back to you in 24-48 hours.
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Song Writing