F. Michael Short

Freelance Article Writer & Journalistic Photographer

Location:Delaware, United States
Phone: 302-382-3547
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I am a long-time professional journalist working for both print and online media. My experience includes two decades of reporting, editing, photography and virtually every other aspect of the journalism and writing industries.

F. Michael Short
302-645-7327 or 302-382-3547

Bachelor's Degree from the University of Delaware in 1982. My degree is in English with a concentration in journalism.


A. Worked as a reporter and photographer for various publications and websites from 2009 until now, particularly the Coastal Sussex Morning News and schoolnite.net. This was primarily freelance work and much of it was for online media. I also did some website and corporate editing for Hook PR Group.

B. Served as news editor of the Sussex Post Newspaper from November, 2006 until May, 2009. I lost my job because of a company downsizing and cutbacks by Independent Newspapers Inc. My duties included reporting, editing, photography, posting stories, pagination, writing a weekly column and compiling the weekly news budget. In short, I did almost everything except sports and submitted press releases.

C. Worked as a cashier at Lowe's from 2004 until 2006.

D. Served as a news editor and senior reporter at the Cape Gazette from 1995 until 2002.

E. Reporter and photographer at the Whale and Daily Whale Newspapers from 1983 until 1995.

Community interests:
I currently serve on the Board of Directors for the Friends of Prime Hook U.S. Wildlife Refuge.

My wife and I ran the youth group at St. Jude the Apostle Catholic Church in Lewes for six years until January, 2009. We began the youth program and ran it successfully for that six year period, including a yearly food fast and collection for Catholic Relief Services that raised over $6,000 in a four-year period.

I served for four years on the Board of Directors for the Possum Point Players. During this time, I also served on the committee responsible for a major renovation to the Possum Point Players Theater.

I am skilled at almost every facet of the journalism and writing industry and would bring 20 plus years of experience to any job in that field. I have won a number of awards for my work and am well known in Delaware for my skill and objectivity.
As the news editor of the Sussex Post, I had to be, to a large extent, the "face" of the newspaper. By that, I mean that I had to be in the community meeting people and representing the newspaper. I had to be polite, professional and friendly in order to reflect well on the newspaper and on my profession. I worked from home on most days and came very close to being a "one man shop."
That meant I had to be the definition of an organized "self-starter" who could balance time, multi-task and stay on top of numerous issues and responsibilities while still meeting a weekly deadline. I had to balance time and deadlines while compiling news budgets, writing, editing, taking photographs, posting stories, building pages and completing virtually every facet of a newspaper with an absolute deadline. To say I had to do multiple projects at the same time would be an understatement.
In addition to my writing, editing and photography, I had to develop and learn to use a variety of computer systems. Working from home with little technical support meant that I was primarily responsible for my own computer maintenance and "trouble shooting".

In addition to my work in journalism, I feel that my community interests have helped to make me a valuable potential employee. As youth group leaders, my wife and I had to deal with students, parents, parish and diocese leaders. We developed a youth group program, built support, raised awareness and were involved in every facet of the group's administration. As leaders, we consistently tried to teach our students the importance of giving back to the community and helping those less fortunate than themselves. Among our greatest accomplishments were yearly food fasts which raised more than $6,000 during a four year period, all of which was donated to Catholic Relief Services. We take great pride in feeling that we helped young people to grow and we count ourselves fortunate to have had that opportunity. Although it sounds like a cliche, we learned as much from them as they did from us.

My work on the Friends of Prime Hook Wildlife Refuge also has many facets. The Friends group serves as a supporting organization for the refuge. I am currently taking the lead role in the annual photography contest which attracts hundreds of entries each fall. I also worked diligently in an effort to maintain our status as an independent refuge instead of becoming a satellite refuge. This involved drafting and writing a letter on behalf of the entire group to our Congressional delegation and state leaders.

I also served for four years on the Board of Directors for the Possum Point Players Theater group. Part of that time was spent on the building committee, which oversaw a nearly three-quarter million dollar expansion and renovation to the building.

I have always worked with the public and feel my experiences and skills enable me to do that very well. I consider myself polite, personable and responsive to people and their needs. My work in journalism has allowed me to focus on meeting a deadline and getting things accomplished quickly and efficiently.

Personal Information:

I am 51 years old and married. I have no children and am in very good health. I enjoy community theater, travel, photography, reading, gardening and outdoor activities. I live in the Lewes area and have been a resident of that area since 1983.


Glenn Rolfe - Glenn and I worked together as fellow editors. He was the editor of the Seaford Leader and State Register and took over my responsibilities at the Sussex Post after Independent Newspapers consolidated its' operation and downsized employees. Glenn can be reached at grolfe@newszap.com

Dean Campbell - Dean is a local attorney who attended college with me and has known me for nearly 30 years. He can be reached at 854-9750.

Senator George Bunting - Senator Bunting and I have known each other since my earliest reporting days almost 25 years ago. He is a man of great personal integrity who I have worked with for most of the last quarter century and he has always praised me for my honesty and journalistic ability. Senator Bunting can be reached at his work office at 227-3891.

Kitt Parker - I worked with Kitt at the Sussex Post for more than two years. She can be reached at kparker@newszap.com

Patrick Donovan - Patrick is the youth ministry coordinator for the Diocese of Wilmington and worked with my wife and myself during our six years as youth ministry leaders. He can be reached at patrickd@cdow.org