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Lauren W Price

Freelance Illustrator & Digital Artist

Location:Perth, Western Australia, Australia
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I'm an Illustration & Design student, studying at Curtin University of Technology. I'm in my final year of earning my bachelor of arts degree (Majoring in Illustration). I have had a little experience & paid jobs in graphics and illustration design. My goal is to try my luck at Pixar Animation studios. Preferably as one of their illustrators/artists in the concept design department but I can't be pick-and-choosy if that happens.

Working Mediums, methods and Tools:

I work in digital and traditional mediums, often mixing mediums depending on the brief/commission and the result I'm after or trying something completely different from what I usually work with. I'm more than capable in Adobe programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. I have some ability with Adobe Flash and basic digital art programs. I was in an Art Program student for four years, so I have definite traditional drawing, painting and sculpture skills.

I'm open to commissions and freelance jobs, whether I'm working on my own or working with fellow illustrators/designers.
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Digital Art