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Jacques Khouri

Freelance 3D Animator & Animator

Location:United States
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About Jacques Khouri
Jacques Khouri is a Montréal born Canadian with an admiration for the visual.
He has accomplished a technical and a BA degree in Graphic design,
a BFA in Film animation, an MFA in animation as well as an MA in Sequential Art.

Professionally, Jacques has taught for several years, worked as an animator,
an animation director and a supervising animator for short films, commercials,
video clips and TV shows.

His work has awarded him the 2006 outstanding achievement award in animation
at SCAD, the Concordia Norman Mclaren award, the Anima first prize student award
and has been featured at many festivals like the Montreal world film festival and KAFI.

His graphic work has also been recognized in various design magazines like
the Applied Arts, Montreal’s Graphika and the fifth international Biennial of
the Poster in Mexico.

To work collaboratively on innovative projects with a creative team and in a friendly as
well as fruitful environment.

- Master of Art in Sequential Art
2008 to 2010- Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)

- Master of Fine Art in Animation
2004 to 2006 - Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)
- Artistic Honors Fellowship

- Bachelor of Fine Art in Cinema: Film Animation
1999 to 2002 - Concordia University
- Graduated with Honors
- Golden Key International Honor Society Member, a non-profit organization that recognizes and
encourages scholastic achievement among undergraduate students. Only students ranking the
top 15 % of their field of study are invited into the society.

- Bachelor of Art in Graphic Design
1996 to 1999 - Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)

- College Diploma in Graphic Design (D.E.C.)
1994 to 1996 - Collège Ahuntsic, Montréal

Technical Skills
- Autodesk Maya
- Adobe CS Products
- Toonboom Products

Work Experience

- 06/10 to Present, New York, Freelance animator/designer
- 09/10 to present, SCAD, New York - Online animation Teacher
- 03/07 to 05/10 SCAD, Savannah - Animation professor
- 09/04 to 03/06 SCAD, Savannah - Animation Tutor
- 07/03 to 09/03 Lone Monkey, Montreal - Evening supervising animator & animator
- 04/03 to … Fluorescent Hill, Montreal- Freelance animator
- 07/02 to 05/03 UQAM - Storyboard, Animation and CG modeling Teacher with Maya
- 06/02 to 09/03 Darwin dimensions, Montreal - Lead Animator and character rigger
- 03/02 to 07/02 Planet film, Montreal - Animator for a short animated project
- 01/02 to 05/02 Concordia University, Montreal - Workshop teacher, tutor and modeler/
rigger for a character that was used by the Maya students in their animation
exercises in the animation program at the University.
- 09/01 to 05/02 Concordia University, Montreal - Monitor and tutor of the animation studio lab
- 06/01 to 07/01 Heavy Inc., New York City - Internship as a web animator
- 04/01 to 05/01 Notional Film Board of Canada (NFB)- Animator and
visual designer for a web game
- 07/00 to 08/01 CDMED inc., Montreal - Graphic designer and animator

Awards and Mentions
- Winner of the Outstanding Achievement Award in animation at the Savannah
College of Art and Design for body of work completed during the MFA.
- Winner for conceptual illustration at the 15th Applied Arts Photography
& Illustration Awards presented in the 2006 July issue of applied arts
- Winner for personal project at the 13th Applied Arts Photography & Illustration Awards presented
in the 2004 July issue of applied arts
- Poster Finalist at the “Les prix LUX 2003” Best photograph and illustration in Montreal.
Designers: Jean-Francois Beaudette, Jacques Khouri and Julie Sigouin (2003).
- Winner of The Norman McLaren Award: for recognition of frame-by-frame filmmaking excellence
and consistently maintained progress over three years in the film animation Program at
Concordia University (2002).
- Winner of the Cinar Award: for best Traditional Approach in Frame-by-frame Filmmaking during
the second year at Concordia University (2001).
- Winner of The Zlatko GrGic Award: for students who demonstrates progress and promise in the
film animation program during the first year at Concordia University (2000).
- Poster participation in the Fifth International Biennial of the Poster in Mexico (1998).

Short Film Awards and Mentions
- Vice Versa
Year of production: 2009
- KAFI Kalamazoo Animation Festival Int’l, Kalamazoo, MI.
3rd place in the 2009 Independent Short Works
- Film presented on
- Film presented on
- screened at the Future Film festival in Bologna, Italy.

- Homage
Year of production: 2007
- Winner in the Visualization Category at the Animex Student Award festival of 2007
- Kalamazoo Animation Festival Int’l, Kalamazoo, MI (May 2007) Second Place, Student
- Film presented under the student showcase on Stash DVD magazine # 38
- WYSIWYG Christian Film Festival (October 2006)
- Victory Arts Juried Competition, Dallas, TX (Nov 2006) Phase II Finalist
- Tehran Animation Festival, Tehran, Iran (Feb 2007)
- Eat The Young Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA (March 2007)
- Reanimacja, Panorama screening, Poland (May 2007)
- Anima Mundi 2007, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (July 2007)

Year of production: 2007
- Film presented at the The Nicktoons Network Animation Festival 2007(only 30 selected)
- Reanimacja, Panorama screening, Poland (May 2007)
- Anima Mundi 2007, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (July 2007)

- 29.99
Year of production: 2002
- Presented at the Gallery of Hamilton for the show: Photophobia 4
- First Prize Winner in the student Film category at the Society for Arts and Technology’s [SAT]
Anima 2004 festival

- Milk This You Fat Cow!
Year of production: 2001
- Screened at the Montreal World Film Festival,
- Presented at Project-y (festival for best short films in Quebec universities)
- Screened at the John Banks Film Festival organized by CHOM 97.7

Additional Courses
- Softimage | XSI 101 certificate training at the National Animation and Design
Centre (NAD centre)
- Courses in publicity, animation, typography, 3-D computer animation
(UQAM 1996-1999)
- Comic book courses: published comic strips (Collège Ahuntsic 1994-1996)
- Comic book History courses. (Collège Ahuntsic 1994-1996)
- Extracurricular courses of arts (1990-91)
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3D Animation