Matthew Mille

Freelance Logo Designer & Cartoonist

Location:Plano, Texas, United States
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I am a born-talented artist with over 25 years of experience in professional artistry. I literally did every bit of art segment from freestyle drawing, envisioning and designing, crafting, painting and comics but my expertise is strongly in Comics (illustration) and Designing.

Comics / Illustrations
From 1996-2005, I was a daily and weekly cartoonist for major newspapers in Tanzania featuring three different characters.
Major Newspapers: Sunday Observer, The Observer, The Express, Majira and minor Swahili papers.

From 1999-2009, I was a freelance editorial comic illustrator covering politics and world events’ gestures. My works appeared in a number of worldwide papers and magazines including The Express, Happy Nickel, Modesto Bee and the Dallas Observers.

Graphics Designing
From 1999-2000, I was a graphic designer tutor at BantuNet and Visiontech Computers training centers (Tanzania).
From 2000-2012, I have been a freelance designer specializing in cutting-edge and modern-look Logo designing. I founded DesignQwest - a logo designing firm in 2011. It is still cranking out stellar creativity.

Product Designing
For the last 2 years I have slowly being immersed in envisioning and designing apparel, home décor and furniture as needed. It is a promising leg of my artistry for future endeavors.
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Logo Design