Nezha Benchi

Freelance Arabic Translator & Article Writer

Location:Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States
2 Skills
DedicatedEducator with extensive experience in developing curriculum and delivering exceptional education excellence in Secondary Education.
?Arabic Instruction:Teach composition, grammar, creative writing, and literature. Adapt various teaching methodologies to individual student needs to increase aptitude. Incorporate state- mandated learning requirements into daily education routine. Create detailed lesson and unit plans based on goal-setting and observable outcomes.
?Educational Leadership:Skilled mentor with success meeting needs of diverse students. Inspire and direct adolescents in reaching high educational standards. Facilitate development of consistent learner outcomes through board attendance and steadfast participation in curricular and extracurricular committees.
?Classroom Management: Create equitable, rewards-based learning environment while establishing clear expectations for behavior. Engage students by fostering autonomy and desire to learn. Design interactive lesson plans targeting individual learning gaps and aptitudes.
?Key Strengths: Talent for inspiring students to higher levels of academic success. Dynamic and engaging; establish and maintain lasting rapport with instructional assistants and paraeducators, teachers, building administrators, and parents.

Contract Tutoring in Arabic 2010- present
• Providing one-on-one and group instruction for composition, grammar, creative-writing, literature and language skills. Creating detailed plans for goal setting and a key map on the track for mastering all aspects of the Arabic language.

Home-School Teacher Cary, North Carolina 2007 to 2010
• Creating a developmental academic plan for two children, one with Down syndrome. Inspiring and directing each student in reaching high educational standards. Aiding in both social and academic instruction for valuable lifetime lessons that can be implemented for daily use.

Translator/Interpreter for Pack-n-Post Inc. 1998 to 2005
• Responsible for all fiscal, operational and staffing functions in regards to the linguistic department for the business company. Providing direct language services for the predominant Middle Eastern and European clientele.

Teacher of Arabic Language, Literature and Culture 1988 to 1995
Create and implement Arabic language and literature curriculums, including grammar and composition, for 9th to 12th grade classrooms. Employ a variety of innovative teaching strategies to motivate, inspire and encourage student-centered learning. Design units to maximize the available technology and resources. Provide one-on-one assistance and instruction for students who were performing below minimum academic levels. Proactively manage parent relationships to promote professionalism. Record student progress and track attendance in order to counsel the individuals for future endeavors. Volunteer for before-and-after school activities and in the library so that students had an available resource for outside the classroom tutoring and discussion.
1990 to 1995 Al Mohit High School – Rabat, Morocco
1988 to 1990 IbnAlkatib High School- Tangier, Morocco
1987 to 1988 Al Imam Boukari High School- Rabat, Morocco

Education and Credentials
Bachelor of Arts and Human Sciences 1985
Major in Arabic Language and Literature – Mohamed V University Rabat, Morocco
Professional Development 1985
Awarded full scholarship to pursue a doctorate in Arabic and Hebrew Studies at Sorbonne in Paris, France
Professional Certification & Teaching Endorsements: 1987
National Certificate in Teaching

Consistently self motivated with direct initiative and a higher level of energy. Strong verbal and personal communication skills that can be spanned to connect with any individual of any age. Ability to make prompt and beneficial decisions. Tolerate and flexible to different situations. Adaptability and ability to work under pressure. Top planning and organizing skills. Patience, responsibility and creative thinking in order to meet the demands of those who need instruction. Adaptability to new environments, class settings and tolerant to stressed situations.
direct adolescents in reaching high educational standards. Facilitate development of co