Martin Afele Palmer

Freelance Audio Editor & Commercial Photographer

Location:United States
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Curriculum Vitae..................................Martin Palmer
* quail (lowercase) is a professional/performing alias.

Master of Science in Recording Arts, University of Colorado Denver, 2011-2012
-Earned terminal degree in audio engineering and music technology.
-Completed the Pedagogy Emphasis.
-(Additional and Continued Education is detailed below).
-Six years of teaching experience, 2006-Present
-Demonstrated history of research and conference presentation.
-Successful, small business owner.

Select Experience and Projects Waypoint Films, Assistant to Composer, Ethnic Music Composer, Following Seas: the Voyage of
the Mary Anne II. 2011 Orcs!, Assistant to Sound Designer and Sound Re-recording Engineer, Footstep edits 2, 3, 4, 5.
imdb: Orcs!, Nate Hoffman and Blufire Studios. 2009-2011
Paladin, Footsteps Editor, Initial edits in postwork, imdb: Paladin. 2011
Novell, Zenworks vs. The World, Original music. 2010
SEO.COM, Commercial Spot, Original music, sound design, editing, primary post-engineer. 2010
Rock Canyon Studios, Interning Engineer. Audio book editing, assisting with sound treatment installation, studio set-up, and reel-to-reel transfers.
Quail, Solo Project, (all aspects of production; guest instrumentalists performed; and mastering by Dave Shumway), 2009
Palmer Family, Tenor/Baritone/Bass Vocals/Studio Talent for Janice Kapp Perry, 1986-2007 Everyone But Martin, Lead Vocals/Occasionally Cello, Drums, Guitar, Keys, 1998-2004
Memberships AES, Chapter Chair, University of Colorado Denver Section, 2011-2012
-Presided and conducted at meetings. -Initiated and oversaw the donation of gear bags to University recording studios and
presented donation.
-Oversaw the donation of a drum kit to the University recording studios. -Initiated and created the first Colorado directory of audio professionals for use by the
professional society for recruitment.
-Created opportunities and events to directly assist students with their listed
professional goals.
-Represented students at Society meetings and Funding Board.
AES, Independent Student Member, 2010-2011
MEIEA, Music & Entertainment Industry Educators Association, Centered at Belmont University in Nashville
Academic Presentations and Publications InternationalCountryMusicConference,May2011. ABusinessModelforCountryMusicians
intheDownloadableEra:ANedMillerCaseStudy. Citation:ICMC,
HistoryConferenceofUHO,UnitingHeritageandOffspring,July2007. FromSamoatoTonga: Missionaries in the Early Years. Vava’u, Tonga.

Educator Experience
Instructor, Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy, 2010-2012 -Taught 20 Junior High students how to create and record foley and fx to create a surround-sound (5.1) soundscape installation. -Wrote the approved budget proposal for surround-sound (5.1) system.
Professor's Assistant, Professor Storm Gloor, 2010-2011 -Graded final projects and final exams for lecture-hall course. -Grading for 80 students. -Provided feedback on music business marketing plans.
High School Teacher, Seminary at Centennial High School, 2008-2009 -Developed teaching confidence and techniques. -Taught 50-70 classes of unique material. -Created lesson plans and practiced 'classroom management.'
University Student Advisory Committee Chair, 2005-2006 -Provided oversight for student problem-solving committee. -Trained undergraduate students in problem-solving procedures. -Saved the University thousands of dollars by creating a resource-management plan for Testing Center. -Managed budget in thousands of dollars, staying under budget.
University Advancement and Planning Comm. Representative, 2005-2006 -Counseled with University presidents and college deans on topics of mission, expansion, and direction.
University Search Committee Representative, 2006 -Served on hiring committee for University Housing.

Creative Publications of the Other Arts
Utah Bride Blog (the State’s premier wedding blog), Various candid and portrait photographs.
Snippet and Ink (a feature-based, online publication with a national readership), Various candid and portrait photographs.
Bride's Cafe (national readership blog for wedding planning), Various documentary photographs.
Baby Smart Baby Products (international company), Various commercial, promotional photographs.
Kula Manu, Literary Journal of Poetry at BYU-Hawaii. The Wind is a Woman. Ke Alaka’I, The Newspaper of BYU-Hawaii with readership on the North Shore of O’ahu, HI.
Various editorials and features.
Additional and Continued Education
Honorary Graduate of the University of Honduras School of Dentistry
Mediation and Conflict Resolution Coursework for Leaders, Boise State University, 6 Graduate Credits 2008-2009
Audio Production and Radio Coursework, Utah Valley University, 9 Credits 2009-2010
Paid and non-paid internships are described as experience. (Internships with Nathan Hoffman of Blufire Studios, Gaynor Brunson of Rock Canyon Studios, Scott Wiley of Junior Audio).
Pedagogy Coursework, Corporation of the President, 6 Credits Equivalent, 2008-2009
Bachelors of Arts in Pacific Island Studies with equivalent minors in Chemistry and Biology, Brigham Young University – Hawaii, 2007
Distinctions, Appointments, and Awards
ArtsBridge Scholar (this is given by nomination) Audio Engineering Society Section Chair (by nomination and election) Vice President, Student Government (by nomination and appointment) Honorary Graduate of the University of Honduras School of Dentistry Featured interview on show [Framed], 2010
Founder's Essay Contest, 2nd place (I lost to my wife for 1st), 2005 NCAA, Men's Soccer Scholarship, 2006 University Student Advisory Council, Chair, 2006