Freelance Chinese Translator & Customer Response Freelancer

Location:Columbia, Maryland, United States
2 Skills
Work Experience

2009/8 till present : JCPenney Company

Industry: Retail

Occupation: Sales Support

Providing customer assistance, as well as merchandise replenishment. An integral part of the Sales Team!

2006/10—2008/9:Shanghai Forest Manor Sales &Consult Co.Ltd

Industry: Real Estate Development

Occupation: Real Estate Manager

Responsible for daily reports to the general manager,
Conducted Sales Provide training to permanent and temporary staffs.
Discussed the detail of the decoration of the building inside and outside
Analyzed all of the information by the marketing research.
Prepared sales and marketing controlling sheets.
Managed the whole sales team.
Handled special cases and complaints from customers.
Prepared weekly and monthly sales reports to the company
Provided an overview of the performance and conduct a new feasibility study.

2000/2--2006/6:Shanghai DaLue Consultation Co. Ltd.
Industry: Real Estate Agency
Occupation: Real estate sales & manager assistant
Responsible for selling condos and villas.
Helped manager to organize the member of sales team.
Involved in research and analysis of local real estate market.
Conducted Sales and Marketing plan.
Provided training to permanent and temporary staffs.
Prepared sales and marketing controlling sheets.
Helped manager to liaise closely with developers.
Prepared daily and monthly reports to sales manager.

2000--"Rome's Holiday"(HongKou District)
Sold out successfully with higher price.
2001--"HongXi Garden"(MinHang District)
Sold out in a month with an innovative mortgage method.
2002--"Music Plaza"(PuTuo District)
Sold out all three phases.
2003—"SuZhou KaiYue"(SuZhou)
Sold out all of the condominiums in a day.
2004—-"Sky Tower"(NanJing)
Include company achieved top 10 selling performance in Nan Jing.

1988/09—1990/10:Shanghai Goods & Material Trading Center
Industry: Hospitality
Occupation: Front Desk Clerk
Check in and out.
Handled the money after the customers checked out.
Answered questions from customers and solved out their problems.
Do some simple bookkeeping.
Make sure which room cleaned and can provide to the customers completely.
Reserved meeting rooms, banquet etc.

1997/9--1999/9 La Trobe University Australia,Shanghai Second Technical University International Economics And Trade Associate
My courses including English of university, oral English, listening, SBS, BEC, basic accounting, western accounting, computer, marketing, monetary policy of bank, certificate of English, trading of business, business call, business law, analysis of international market ,market research...

1985/9--1988/7 Shanghai Jing An Vocational High School
The major courses is hotel services including languages such as English, Japanese, Cantonese and the other skills

Language Skills
Mandarin Excellent
Cantonese Excellent