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Location:East Lansing, Michigan, United States
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Anthony Marc Mastropaolo
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• Hard working
• Very Sociable and even-tempered
• Committed to providing customer service that makes both internal and external customers feel welcome, important and appreciated
• Ability to work weekends on a regular basis
• Ability to work day, evening, or night shifts
• Accuracy and attention to detail
• Excellent verbal skills
• Personal computer and printer capabilities with internet access
• Computer literate
• Organized and detail oriented
• Able to handle diverse workload
• Customer service skills
• Able to set up event table and display
• Adequate vision to read correspondence, event information and computer screens without any restrictions
• Sufficient hearing to allow for consumer interaction with accurate comprehension
• Adequate speech to correspond with consumers, store associates/management and consumer products
• Capable of verbally communicating clearly and concisely
• Problem Solver
• Relationship builder
• Quick learner with strong retention skills
• Realizes the punishable crime of taking an employer’s goods without permission
• Professional image
• Independent, self-motivated and organized
• Reliable transportation
• Self-motivated
• Desire to be successful
• Trainable


• High School Diploma
• Above 3.5 GPA
• Academic Honors Award – Sophomore Year
• 1st Bar – Junior Year
• *** Laude – Senior Year
• Specialty – Science

• University: Michigan State University
• College: Lyman Briggs College
• Specialty: Science


Job Training:
? Job Name: Office Assistant
Company: Family Internist
Supervisor: Marc Mastropaolo
Address: 33466 8 Mile Rd, Farmington Hills, Michigan 48335
Phone Number: (248) 476-6400
Job Description: This training was beneficial because I learned honesty, organization skills, payment systems, and how to interact in a professional environment and be friendly to other employees. My first occupation at his office was to organize business cards. This was important because the doctor needed to contact specialists such as a psychiatric doctor, hand surgeon etc. The internship that he pursued was for doing family or individual checks such as a physical and blood tests. Often patients were sent to specialists for certain pains and problems. However, the contacts were not organized and were instead crammed into a small untidy holder. After alphabetically organizing the cards, I entered the names, locations and phone numbers of the specialists into a laptop computer. The program I used was called Microsoft Excel. This was appropriate because it was easy to make an ordered table. The printed copy satisfied the doctor. Another task was to count money. This taught me honesty; an essential asset to employment success. I put the doctor’s two month income in piles of $100 to easily count over two thousand dollars. I was also offered to create a web page for the doctor’s practice. I departed with dependable skills that can assist me in the future.

First Job:
? Position: Caddie
Company: Meadowbrook Country Club
Supervisor: Jeff Coleman
Supervisor’s Title: Golf Service Manager
Address: 40941 8 Mile Rd, Northville, MI 48167
Phone Number: (248) 349-3600
Still Employed
Began: April 26, 2008
Salary: Varies
Job Description: I learned the game of golf, helped others, and made new friends. My responsibilities include carrying golf clubs and the bag, finding the golf ball, washing the ball, estimating the number of yards to the center of the green, taking out the pin and putting it back in the hole. I usually work on Saturdays during the spring and summer.

Second Job:
? Position: Sales Team Member
Company: Vector Marketing Company
Date Started: Summer 2009
Description: I gained valuable sales skills and was trained by very experienced sales professionals. The product that sales representatives were trying to sell was a high quality brand of cutlery and kitchenware. The brand is called “Cutco.”

Third Job:
? Position: General Kitchen and Dining Room Worker I
Company: East Complex Dining Services
Phone Number: (517) 353-7776
Date Started: Fall 2009
Address: 137 North Hubbard Hall, East Lansing, MI 48825
Description: I prepared meals for breakfast. This included frying, grilling, assembling and cleaning. The skills used included organization, attention, speed, prediction and communication.
Awards: “Commitment to Excellence” Pin
“110%” Pin
“I Make a Difference” Pin
“Student of the Pay Period” Certificate
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