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Nima stone

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Location:London, London, United Kingdom
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Nima Stone is a highly motivational creative writer. With extensive training in Musical Theatre in front and beyond the scenes, she uses her dramatic effect through her writing style. English was always her favorite and strongest subject but decided to continue her studies as a Musical Performer.

Nima Stone is now embarking on a road to creative writing as a career.

Nima Stone also began her Violin studies at an early age at a music school near where she lived. She self taught herself how to play the keyboard. Till this day Nima Stone fuses her musical ability as one. She still continues to play the Violin and Keyboard.

"When I write I want to take my readers on an adventure. Be it happiness. Be it sadness. Through poems. Through novels. Through songs. With my songs and poems I want to be able to capture each emotion of a person. We go through so much emotions in a day. I want to be the one who captures it. With my novels I want to take you as far away as possible. In a world that seizes to exist. For I am a mouthpiece to the soul."
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