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Location:Astoria, New York, United States
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Kenneth Burris was born at the Ford Army Base in Monterey, California.

At the age of twelve he moved with his family to Marion, Ohio, and later studied the Columbus College of Art & Design. After completing his formal education, he worked as a commercial billboard artist where he acquired the skills and knowledge he now employs towards his artistic practice.

In the process of learning the craft of reproducing regular photographs into giant sized canvases, he became a proficient photorealist painter, and developed the discipline necessary to work long focused hours for a project to come to fruition. Kenneth later worked independently as a commercial artist on a number of consignments for sign and mural projects for the local Columbus community.

In 2001 Kenneth moved to New York City where he continued to work in the production art industry, Kenneth worked on numerous art projects for private and commercial artist. From 2003 to 2010 Kenneth worked as a production artist for New York City based arts company were he worked as an easel painter painting canvas on consignment to be distributed locally and abroad.

Kenneth lives and works in New York City where he maintains his artistic studio, located in Long Island City, Queens.


To contribute strong studio production skills and experience to your organization in a professional capacity.

Professional Experience

Studio, Production Artist,

ALP. INC. 37 West 65th Street. 6th Floor, New York, NY. 43215

2002 to 2010

-Manufactured artwork, adherence to company’s standards, polices, and practices; met or exceeded art production deadlines and budgets.

-Worked closely with director to insure all needs and objectives are met.

-Outstanding results in hand painted graphic illustrations.

-Reengineered personal production process, successfully saving time and money while increasing individual productivity output.

-Ensure artwork presentations are executed to highest standards while enhancing look and quality of art itself.

-Fabrication and preparation of various size canvas’s for production.

-A complete understanding of woodshop equipment and use. Such as table saw, band saw, jigsaw, miter saw, hand drill, drill press, wood planer, air compressor, air guns, clamps, and glues.

Billboard Illustrator, Sign Painter,

Donrey Media Group, Donrey Outdoor Advertising Co. Columbus, Ohio. 43085

1996 to 1998

-Execution of photo-real images to giant structural surfaces through hand crafted means.

-Direct color matching and palette setup from artwork samples.

-Execution and layout of artwork through projection process.

-Assemble and breakdown of large tiff, wood, and metal structures for image production.

Lead Illustrator, Shop Supervisor

JCP SIGNS & Graphix 12920 Gorsuch Road, Galena, Ohio. 43021

1994 to 2001

-Maintained a 10,000 square foot billboard and sign production facility.

-Worked directly with company owner in all aspects of company operations.

-Responsible for opening and closing of production facilities.

-Direct production team in approach, editing and finishing of sign and billboard process.

Formal Education:

Columbus College of Art & Design – Columbus, Ohio

Hocking College – Nelsonville, Ohio

School of Visual Arts –New York, New York

Additional Information:

- Extensive ability in Wet medium production.

- Expert with Enamel paint, Oil paint, Acrylic paint production.

- Master Level in production of Mural and Billboard Illustration.

- Excel in Studio production layout and creation.

- Expert in custom hand paint quill calligraphy.

- Proficient with Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft word.


Available upon request.
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