Frank! Powers

Freelance Cartoonist & Children's Book Illustrator

Location:Shirley, New York, United States
2 Skills
A staff position or freelance opportunities to utilize my cartooning ability and writing skills where a background in publishing, graphic story telling, and advertising design would lend itself to success.

I am working to contribute my sense of humor and style to the world through cartooning to fulfill what I feel I am destined for. I believe that with every new opportunity to learn and create in a different field, I will gain the experience to one day achieve all of my goals.

9/2007 - present Trader Joe’s Hewlett, NY
All signage is made in house from the size of business cards to as large as banners. Responsible for the overall interior design of the store and the price sign-age for every product sold therein.

9/2002 - present Royal Flush Magazine New York, NY
Writer / Illustrator
An annual satirical entertainment magazine based in New York City, Royal Flush has achieved worldwide recognition in the comics and music scene. Personal contribution of writing and illustrating comic strips, conducting interviews, and design.

7/2007 Spork Press Tucson, AZ
Spork is a published collective of art, short stories, and poems. Working with the founder I translated a six act play into a full independent comic book.

2005/2006 Season Tucson Roller Derby Tucson, AZ
Art Director
A non-profit organization that hosts monthly all-girl competitive roller skating events. I was head of the print advertising and marketing as well as lead designer and illustrator.

8/2002 - 8/2003 Grand Dreams Books Linden, NJ
Art Dept. Supervisor
Writing and illustrating children’s storybooks as well as designing coloring books, activity and puzzle books from concept to completion.

9/2001 - 9/2002 The New Yorker Magazine New York, NY
While doing basic intern tasks, I worked with the digital cartoon database and was responsible for organizing entries of both the physical art and art on the computer.

1/2003 - present Frankenstylin
My own enterprise is the most educational experience I have had to date. It has allowed me many opportunities at freelance illustration as well as learning how to brand ones self. Through it, I have produced and created a self titled comic book, creating countless characters with intents to towards merchandising, publishing and animated programming. My efforts to do so have garnered much experience in both design and the business of it.
The Frankenstylin brand has been showcased at the International Licensing Show, The New York Comic Con, The Long Island Fringe Festival, and the Culture Explosion Arts Festival.

9/1999 - 5/2003 School Of Visual Arts New York, NY
Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Cartooning/Illustration
Relevant courses included page and magazine layout, logo and graphic design, caricature and cartoon creation, children’s writing and illustration, sequential storytelling, storyboarding for television and film, history of comics and cartooning, web design, web animation, and more.

6/2000 - 6/2000 Center for Character Animation Levittown, NY
Certificates of Completion in Multiple Courses
Studied Animation techniques, Character creation and development, Panel cartooning, storyboarding and a rich history that is American Animation from Saturday morning to Academy Award Winning.

I have experience in all of the above as well as:
PC and Mac literate
Adobe Photoshop Expert
Microsoft Office
Team Motivator

I am patient, computer savvy, and can swiftly educate myself with new programs and systems. I enjoy problem solving and team oriented tasks that allow me to excel in my leadership and creative skills.

Lastly, I am just an honest, hard-working, optimist who loves and enjoys each opportunity for everything I can learn from it. Referances upon request. Thank you for your attention.