Trynie Gouws

Freelance Graphic Designer & Multimedia Freelancer

Location:South Africa
2 Skills
My training in visual communication at The Open Window, School of Visual Communication provided me with a solid background in design. As a result of my training and also my extensive work experience in the marketing and design industry I have developed a systematic and creative way of thinking that allows me to easily carry out complex and difficult tasks. I have the ability to easily adapt to new challenges and apply my knowledge, skills and creativity to any new project or campaign.
Owning my own marketing and design company have provided me with the knowledge and ability to effectively run all aspects of a business and my experience in marketing and design
in IMAN Cosmetics South Africa has provided me with the skills needed to work effectively in the fast moving consumer goods industry. Throughout my career I have developed a great sense of customer relations and can easily approach prospective clients and have secured various business opportunities in the past.
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Graphic Design