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Location:Glendale, California, United States
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My name is Jasmine Marquez, I am looking for work that involves using my drawing abilities. drawing is a natural talent for me, though I took a few classes when I was in elementary school, in which I learned some very useful techniques. My greatest strengths are copying a photograph or other picture freehand, and drawing realistic scenes, such as nature or portraits. Cartoon drawings don't capture my interest very much, however if I am given an example I can duplicate a character or scene. One of my areas of interest is the human body, not necessarily ************ art, but art that captures the beauty of the body itself. I have focused a lot of my artistic energy into perfecting my ability to sketch a human body, paying specific attention to the hands, feet, and arms.
I also write in my free time, and would be interested in applying my writing strengths to a possible career. I enjoy creative and descriptive writing. My word comprehension and vocabulary are my strongest points, and I am not afraid to employ the use of sometimes uncommon words or phrases. I always received A's on my writing assignments throughout my educational experience, except for a few rare occasions when the teacher did not appreciate my choice of words, specifically that they were too advanced for my age group. I am interested specifically in writing short stories, descriptive articles, and poetry or lyrics.
I can provide samples of my work in both of these disciplines, and would be very willing to do so if it was asked of me. Thank you for giving me some of your time, and i hope to hear from someone soon.
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Book Illustration