Eric Hawley

Freelance Portrait Artist & Drawer

Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States
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I recently graduated from Concordia University Chicago with a degree in Non-profit Business and Church Management. This degree exposed me to the intricacies of managing nonprofit, raising funds, leading volunteers, and maintaining a network of friends interested in my same mission. I was given the opportunity to be an intern at Circle Urban Ministries where I learned the art of grant writing and event planning.
My talent as an illustrator was always a hobby until I recently decided to create my own book. I created every idea and allowed it to come alive through ink. My drawings were single pane comics depicting puns, common life scenarios, or total sarcasm. My background drawing portraits, landscapes, and still life inspired my talents today. As a Christian I find great joy working with individuals or churches who desire drawings to illustrate their books, posters, or murals. Working alongside churches brings the best experiences because the overall goal is to share the gospel with the desired audience.
Though these specific skills are important, I later came to understand the importance of: collaborating with a team, being able to receive criticism, becoming a leader and when necessary, a follower, and finally the need for setting goals. I find these qualities to be universally true for any job of any skill. I am dedicated to practicing these skills in my future career.
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Portrait Art