Pearl Mitsushima

Freelance Operations Manager & Project Manager

Location:Torrance, California, United States
2 Skills
Pearl Mitsushima
1433 W. 152nd Street
Gardena, CA 90247
310 323-0079


6/09-current Freelancing

Providing contract consulting services, vendor quote packages and design samples for plush toys and soft dolls and accessories. The consulting services focuses on expediting product information from design groups to overseas offices and factories for quoting and determining product schedules.
-Work with designers to recommend options to improve feasibility for the vendor to match the desired aesthetics.
-Clarify marketing and sales goals in terms of product category and desired features in terms of character and theme.
-Provide design with material options for both aesthetics and costs.
-Review potential cost and schedule targets in relation to margin and ship dates.
-Work with engineering and packaging to confirm functionality and compatibility to design or theme.
-Provide clear softgoods parts lists to help define the product and reduce rounds of product reviews.
-Strong working knowledge of textiles and sewing assemblies, as well as the accompanying safety requirements for infant and children’s softgood toys.

10/08 –6/09 Jakks Pacific, Malibu, CA
Softgoods Engineer and Operations Specialist – Plush and Dolls

Main focus to provide a process to help and support expansion of non-licensed softgoods categories, increase predictability of product costing, margins, forecasting, meet ship dates and establish controls and parameters to improve management of license approvals.
-Review development and production sequence to clarify major milestones and reduce leadtimes.
-Coordinate with design to improve product definition and specification for product reviews, vendor quoting, cost reductions and overall product planning.
-Worked with marketing to analyze product lines in relation to profit and margin projections, forecasting, schedules and quotas to optimize marketing and sales factors for the major retailers.
-Managed communications with China sources for softgoods products, fabrics and components for all plush and doll lines.

6/08 – 8/08 Playhut, City of Industry, CA
Project Manager (Contract) – Children’s Toy Tents

Contracted to help maintain and track product development and license approvals.
-Reviewed product development, planning and scheduling sequence in relation to sales and marketing requirements.
-Streamlined use of resources in Design to increase efficiency.
-Worked with sales to improve scheduling of sample requests in house and overseas.
-Helped track license comments and requested changes in product design for license approval.

2/07 –2/08 Target, Minneapolis, MN
Technical Designer – Dolls, Plush, Role Play, Children’s Tents

Set and monitored product quality and safe standards for sourced products. Tracked costs and schedules for marketing and planning groups.
-Determined “Good, Better and Best” product characteristics for softgoods products to help define product forecasts, quotas and retail placement.
-Conducted competitive product comparisons for marketing and the buyers to increase understanding of key product features.
-Monitored and evaluated material construction and quality for product integrity.
-Worked with vendors to help develop proper cost and product value relationship.

5/02 – 2/04 Duncan Enterprises, Fresno, CA
Concept Buyer – Textiles and Crafts

Located China manufacturers and set initial terms for purchasing craft components and kits in China.
-Based on marketing’s product direction, sourced vendors and products that would be suited to the product trend or function.
-Negotiated cost and terms to meet projected margins and volumes.
-Liaison between Marketing and Purchasing to insure correct terms, scheduling, minimums, costs, price breaks and product descriptions on the purchase orders.

5/92- 3/01 Mattel Toys, El Segundo, CA
Staff Product Engineer – Licensed plush and dolls

Managed product coordination and timing of product development between design, planning, costing, operations and overseas offices and vendors to maintain schedules, costing and quality control from quote to production.
-Liaison between Design, Costing, Planning, Safety, Procurement and Quality Control. Main communication contact between corporate departments and China offices, suppliers and manufacturers.
-Directed operations, planning and costing to clarify quotes, leadtimes, purchase terms and production schedules for marketing and planning groups.
-Worked with design to track aesthetics, license approvals, cost reductions and material selections based to license and marketing forecasts and targets.
5/90 – 5/92 Tyco, Mt Laurel, NJ
Product Engineer – Baby Dolls and Licensed Plush

Established a method of release of product specifications and quote packages to the overseas offices and the vendor.
-Product managed product release and costing information for design, costing, marketing and quality control.
-Traveled to overseas to review material, print, cut and sew operation for product aesthetics and reliability.

1/86 – 8/88 Tonka, Minnetonka, MN
Softgoods Engineer – Softgoods licensed products

Same as those at Tyco.

9/84 – 11/85 Tomy Corporation, Carson, CA
Product Engineer – Disney Plush, Soft Dolls

Same as those at Tyco.

10/78 – 9/84 Mattel Toys, Hawthorne, CA
Senior Textile Analyst – Barbie and Large Dolls

Sourced, tracked and evaluated all softgoods materials and components used on all Barbie lines.
-Worked with Design to spec fabrics, trims and softgoods components for overseas sourcing and quoting.
-Negotiated material and component prices based on marketing forecasts and purchasing parameters.
-Troubleshoot sourcing, purchasing, scheduling and production issues both domestically and overseas.
-Evaluated and approved material quality for purchase and shipment to the factories.
-Researched new materials and applications for preliminary doll design groups.
-Traveled overseas to review textile manufacturing, fabric approvals and track ship dates.

California State University, Long Beach
B.A. Textiles – Apparel and Interiors

Available upon request.