James McCarron

Freelance Storyboarder & Animator

Location:Montclair, New York, United States
Phone: 347 975 3414
Website: http://jamesmccarron357@gmail.com
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James McCarron Storyboard Artist
phone # 347 975 3414

Highly skilled storyboard and production designer with twenty years experience in various demands for the design of live action, traditional animation, computer generated imagery and visual effects production.

To obtain a position with a company that will utilize my talents to the fullest enhancing the design of their productions.

Professional experience:
Regular contributor to advertising, film and visual effects clients as well as Blue Sky Studios, Curious Pictures, Blink and Zero Degrees Kelvin. Responsibilities include production and character design, art direction, model sheets and shooting boards for a wide variety of productions.

"The Knights of Impossingworth Park", Production designer for the Warner Brothers feature film. Worked one on one with the Director Keith Cavele, to design the entire scope of the motion picture. Characters, costumes, sets designed and revised to meet the needs of the production. Created shooting boards with the production heads to establish the look, feel and flow of the production.

Paramount Pictures, "Thinner". Worked on location in Maine with Stephen King and Director Tom Holland, designing effects and key action scenes. Continuity sketches were also used by Oscar winning special effects makeup artist Greg Cannom as the basis for the prosthetic appliances for several leading characters. Developed and built all stunt sequences with stunt coordinator Bud Davis.

ABC television "The Langoliers", Creature Design for the Stephen King mini series, developed the character from initial concept to the final alias model. Worked with director Tom Holland blocking the dramatic and special effects shots for the film. Created effects template shooting boards and animatics utilized by department heads to control cost and supervise production. Collaborated with alias and softimage animators to synthesize live action opticals with the CGI actors, models and effects.

MGM "Hoodlum", responsibilities included visualization of the computer generated opening title sequence. Created shooting boards for the practical effects and stunt requirements. Designed the tommy gun shootout scene and a: 60 montage sequence with computer generated and flame elements.

Warner Brothers "WPIX" Station Redesign, storyboarded the :70 segment to represent new station identity. The work also included design for aerial photography, motion control location shooting and the creation of miniatures all composited on flame with alias and softimage elements.

New Amsterdam Entertainment "The Night Flier", worked with director
Mark Pavia to create shooting boards for the air to air photography
and 2nd unit location shooting for the Stephen King feature.
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