Gordon Hayward

Freelance Sculptor & Digital Artist

Location:Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Phone: 0823552894
Website: http://gordonhaywardart.wozaonline.co.za
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fine artist from south africa, work is organic looking, rich in texture, earthy colours. Sculptor, digital art, painting and mixed media.Higher Education : Bachelors of Technology Degree (Fine Arts)

Subjects : Computer Skills 3, Art Theory 3-4, Research Methodology (Thesis), Printmaking 3-4, Sculpture 3, Life Drawing 3, General Drawing, Communications 3, Graphic Design 1

3. Achievements

• Merit Award for best Sculpture with distinction 1997.
• Pass with distinction for B-Tech degree exhibition 1998.

4. Other Qualification:

Course in Entrepreneurship at University of Technology 1995

Commission Work (part time)

• Sculpture work was exhibited at the Pretoria art Gallery (PPC Cement Exhibition) 1996-1997.
• Sculpture and printmaking was exhibited at the annual student exhibition 1995-1998
• Exhibited at Décor World (2005)
o Sculpture
o Digital prints
o Oil paintings
• Sold sculptures to Coca Cola (2005)
• Commission work for Life Day Spa (2005)
o Mix media work business card and pamphlets
o Sculptures
o Painting
• Commission work for Julia Halamandres (2009)
o Digital prints
o Sculpture
o Scraper board
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Digital Art