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Location:Hightstown, New Jersey, United States
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Jennifer Walston

Philadelphia, PA 19143

OBJECTIVE: To obtain a medical assistant position within a hospital, medical office or clinic, where I can utilize my formal training and previous experience while promoting the organizations mission statement.

Clinical: SKILLS
EKG, autoclave techniques, venipuncture, vital signs, physical therapy modalities, urinalysis, injections (intradermal, deltoid, intramuscular deltoid, subcutaneous), capillary punctures, sterile trays,

Administrative: ICD-9/ CPT Coding, patient charting, telephone skills, strong interpersonal and customer service skills, IDX, Centricity, navinet, National Physician Information system, Epic, Med solutions, RadMed,

Certifications: CPR/First Aid Certified, HIPAA

01/2009-12/2009, Thompson Institute, Philadelphia, PA
(Medical Assistant Diploma)

06/1991, Washington High School, Princess Anne, MD
(High School Diploma)

12/2010-present ,University of Penn , Phila, PA

1 Schedule patients different studies
2 Verify patients insurances
3 Verify patients demographics
4 Update Doctors information in the system
5 Reschedule patient for their appointments
6 Scheduling Research studies
08/2010-12/2010, University of Penn Presbyterian Medical Center Orthopedics
Per certification Coordinator

1 Talked to the patients insurance companies to get authorization for varies studies
2 Scheduled different studies
3 Rescheduled studies for patients
4 Looked up patients workers com /MVA information
5 Scanned in patients script into the system for their appointments
6 Called different Imaging locations to get their Tax Id for the per certifications
7 Created a spreadsheet to keep patients information accessible for the office

02/2010-7/2010, University of Penn Hospital Radiology Dept

1 Scheduled and Cancelled appointments for patients, Dr offices, Other varies departments
2 Confirmed appointments for patients , Dr offices and other departments
3 Registered new patients for the radiology department
4 Verify and undated patients information for the radiology department
5 Transferred calls to the different departments
6 Scheduled appointment for the Nuclear Medicine Department
7 Verified all insurances and the precertification’s if they needed them

Jennifer Walston

10/2009-12/2009, University of Penn Presbyterian Hospital Orthopedics
Medical Assistant Externship
• Cleaned the rooms after each room
• Pulled up patients films for the Dr. to view
• Contacted different offices for film reports or lab workups on patients
• Called patients back for their appointment with the Dr.
• Univer Examine, interview, and measure patients to determine their appliance needs and to identify factors that could affect appliance fit.
• Fit, test, and evaluate devices on patients, and make adjustments for proper fit, function, and comfort.
• Instruct patients in the use and care of orthoses and prostheses.

4/2008-10/2008, University of Penn Dental School/ Unique Advantage, Philadelphia, PA
Clerk B
1 Cleaned dental instruments
2 checked in and out dental equipment for clinic
3 Restocked shelves of the clinic for the next day of business.

10/2007-1/2008, Hospital of the University of Penn/Unique Advantage, Philadelphia, PA
Medical Secretary
1 Answer phone,
2 Scheduled appointments,
3 Creating doctor schedule,
4 Pulled charts,
5 Typed up procedure reports.
6 Resched/comfirmed appointment
7 Sent out dictations to varies doctors offices
8 Updated Doctors contact information
9 Sorted encounter batches
10 Restocked patient prep packs for the office

9/2006-9/2007, University of Penn Press/Unique Advantage, Philadelphia, PA
Administrative Assistant
1 Answered phones
2 Greeted guests
3 Placed book orders via computer
4 Answered all correspondence
5 Printed literature and prepared mailings;
6 Sent out documents via fax as required,
7 Photocopied, printed and folded documents on the folding machines.
8 Returned overstock books to the warehouse,
9 Filed archived books.
10 Restocked office supplies for the office

Jennifer Walston
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9/2005-9/2006, University of Penn/Law School/Unique Advantage Philadelphia, PA
• Administrative Assistant
1 Answered phones,
2 Greeted next year law school students,
3 Organized students registration paper work,
4 Sent out law school packets for the accepted students,
5 Filed transcripts for the registrar office,
6 Updated Students contact information into the data base,
7 Verified what the students needed to have in their registrar files to complete their registration for the new school year.

• 5/2005-7/2005, University of Penn Dental School/Unique Advantage, Phila, PA
• Medical Receptist
8 Scheduled patient for dental appoints
9 Check patients in for their dental appointments
10 Verified dental insurance coverage
11 Rescheduled dental for patients
12 Keep track of the Doctors schedules
13 Made new patient charts
14 Pulled charts for the following business day
15 Restocked the office inventory

• 12/2004-4/2005,University Lab Animal Resources
• Receptionist
16 Greeted staff,
17 Sorted Mail,
18 Sent out Bill statements to different veterinaries/researchers
19 Sent out purchase orders for different departments,
20 scheduled delivers of animals to varies locations,
21 Handed out weekly pay checks for different locations
22 Updated the financial spreadsheets for the fiscal year
23 Archived and filed financial records for the last three fiscal years

• 5/2004-12/2004, Hospital of Pennsylvania/Unique Advantage/ Gastroenterology Dept.
• Medical Secretary
24 Answer phone,
25 Scheduled appointments,
26 Creating doctor schedule,
27 Pulled charts,
28 Typed up procedure reports.
29 Resched/comfirmed appointment
30 Sent out dictations to varies doctors offices
31 Updated Doctors contact information
32 Sent out patients Prep packets

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• 3/2004-5/2004, University of Penn/Annenberg Communications/
• Administrative Assistant
33 Answered the phones
34 Scheduled clients for varies of meets
35 Filed Clients paperwork
36 Made copies for meets
37 Updated the financial fiscal year spreadsheets in excel
38 Archived passed fiscal years paper work
39 Made travel arrangements for varies projects
40 Kept track of travel
41 Rearranged the Business Admistrator Fillings
42 Kept the travel projects purchase orders in orders
43 Picked up the mail from varies locations daily

• 12/2003-2/004 /University of Penn/Unique Advantage / Arts and Science Admissions Office
• File Clerk
44 Filed students transcripts, thesis, and reference letters, acceptance letter for varies programs of interest
45 Pulled students paperwork for the requesting Professors
46 Updated students contact information
47 Alphabetized the student by last name
48 Achieved student for the registrars office once accepted to that program

• 1/2000-5/2001 First Preston Foreclosure, Bluebell, Pa
• Step 3 Coordinator
49 Pulled charts
50 Put buyer’s contract information into the data
51 Updated Seller and Buyers information into the database
52 Faxed over completed contracts to Headquarters finalizing
53 Called Buyers and Sellers for more information if needed

• 9/2000-1/2001, First Preston Forclosure/ProStaff, Pa
• File Clerk

54 Filed papers and files
55 Copied contracts
56 Faxed contracts to varies of locations
57 Kept the file room in order
58 Located lose files
59 Sign out/in files to the employees
60 Pulled files for review by the audit team
61 Created new file for new contracts
62 Sorted/handed out mail
63 Returned mail
64 Sent out mail to varies of offices
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12/1999–01/2000/The Picture People Pro Staffing King of Prussia, PA
• Receptionist
1 Greeted clients
2 Setup for the clients to have their photo shoots
3 Scheduled appointments for clients to view the pictures
4 Printed pictures and packaged them for pick up

• 11/1999-12/1999/Com Net Mortgage/ Pro Staff, Norristown, Pa
• Data Entry Clerk
5 Made copies of Contracts
6 Updated client contract information
7 Made bank transfers through there data entry services
8 Schedule and Received deliveries from different clients and businesses
9 Called clients for more paperwork if needed to close the sell or refinance contracts

• 4/1999-6/1999/Abceyst agency/Conit Mortgage/ Warminster, Pa
• Data Entry Clerk
10 Entered mortgage payments into their database
11 Spoke with clients in regards to their insufficient funds on their accounts
12 Transferred clients to different departments to try to help them resolve issues.

• 10/1997-12/1997 Forman Mills, Philadelphia, Pa
• Floor Person
13 Stocked racks of clothes
14 Folded and Refolded Clothes
15 Restocked any clothing items that was needed
16 Assisted shoppers with sizing, colors and pricing issues
17 Collected returned items
18 Re priced items for sale
• 11/1995-10/1996/ RGIS, Morristown, NJ
• Inventory Clerk
19 Counted all the inventory in the stores using an advanced type of calculator
20 Helped costumers locate items
21 Pulled tags from already counted items

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• 8/1995-11/1995/Manokin Manor, Princess Anne, MD
• Assistant Dietitian
22 Prep food trays for the patients
23 Handed out trays in the dinning hall and took food trays to immobilized patients
24 Cleaned food trays for the next meals
25 Helped stocked food from deliveries
26 Kept track of patient dietary needs
27 Prep the refrigerator for the next shift and or the next day
28 Collected food trays from the dinning hall and patients rooms

• 6/1995-8/1995, 6/1994-8/1994/ Jolly Rogers Amusement Park, Ocean City, MD
• Seasonal Worker
29 Collected tickets for rides
30 Helped keep the park clean of trash
31 Helped with relieving co workers for lunch and bathroom breaks

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