Ndeye Dieng

Freelance French Translator & Billing Freelancer

Location:Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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Secure a position in which I can utilize my office managements and customer service proficiency developed through my education, training, and diversified professional experiences in the Business administration and computer information technology.


• Bunnell High School, Stratford
High school Diploma: June 1998

• Cadmen County College New Jersey
Business Administration

• Technical Institute of Camden County College New Jersey
Business Technology and Computers

Delta Dental: Alpharetta, GA
From: 10/01/2010
To: 7/22/2011
Claim processing CL2

I assisted with dental claim processing level 2.
My duty was to determine whether or not dental claims should be paid or how they
should be paid. I processed predetermination claims to pre-authorize payments
for dental offices depending on their patients insurance benefits before the
work is done. This was a temporary position in which i have worked Monday thru
Friday for 10 months working 40 hours a week. I loved processing
Claims and i have learned a lot for the short period of time I was there.

International Family Dentistry: Lawrenceville GA
From: 2/16/2008
To: 08/2010
Office Manager/Customer Service Coordinator

I was responsible for check-in/check-out the patients
I scheduled appointments and entered patients profile
information into the system. I verified insurance and educated the patients
about their dental coverage by telling them what is covered or not and at what
percentage they were covered. I informed them about their maximum benefits per year and their deductibles worked with the Easy Dental software and as an
Office Manager my duty was to train new employees. I handled the billing and the collections as well. I made sure a treatment plan was prepared for each patient and that my employees were doing what they were supposed to do confirming appointments ect...I was responsible for ordering dental supplies when needed. I also assisted the DR when we were short staffed. I developed x-rays, assisted him during surgery, cleaned, sterilized instruments and went to the bank to make deposits for him. I also translated from English to French between the DR and his patients. I have gained an enormous nursing experience working at this dental office by working front and back and i am glad i did.

Crescent Academy, Pennsauken, NJ

Assistant teacher

? Personal assistant to the teacher
? Work with the teacher on students assignments
? Served as substitute teacher when needed
? Help Students with physical disability on school activities

Personal Characteristics

I am fluent in three languages including French and English. I have excellent
work Ethics, Goal oriented, demonstrates special concern for quality customer
care and Satisfaction. I enjoy leaning something new and i know i will be a
great asset to your company. Thank-you for taking the time to read my resume.
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French Translation