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Bobbi-Lee Hunt

Freelance Digital Artist & Book Illustrator

Location:Bow Island, Alberta, Canada
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I have been an Artist since I am sure I could walk. (Both my parents are Artists) and have loved it greatly. I like all forms of art and love to try new things with it.I am very creative with a large imagination.

I enjoy doing Computer Illustration and have done Book Covers,Label Illustration, Posters, and have worked on character design for Role Playing Games (Something that I greatly love and have lots of fun doing )
I also love to work with any thing that I can find and recycle and also look forward to a challenge.

I have a studio at home so am free at all hours to work on a project. I work very hard to satisfy my clients.

Thank you for considering me for you project and I hope we can work together.

Thank-You for your time.
Bobbi-Lee Hunt
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Digital Art
Book Illustration