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Amanda Alvarado

Freelance Book Illustrator & Comic Artist

Location:Waukegan, Illinois, United States
Phone: 8472114516
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I really like to illustrate my own comics...i base my art more off of manga (Japanese comics).
I still need lots of improvement
but i have gotten ok within 3 years.
i'm currently in high school
i work a lot on my stories
and i do get better (fast)
I am very sad I cant apply for jobs on here because I have a "free" account but then again I'm not that good ...I really enjoy seeing all the amazing art on here, though.

I rate myself on how well I see my my work... and how much better I can be...I have along way to go.
Right now I'm really fluent with crayola markers (the not fancy cheap but amazing stuff), crayola but and prismacolor colored pencils. I'm getting there with Copic Markers (really amazing like to troll), dip pens for inking (just splatter at the worst moments sometimes ...a lot less now). I'm working in getting better at watercolor painting and Photoshop definately....(its really out of my comfort zone... I have an old tablet someone gave me and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't).
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Book Illustration
Comic Art