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Kyle Kerns

Freelance 3D Animator & Animator

Location:Pompano Beach, Florida, United States
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Kyle Kerns
Character Animation
Skills/Abilities: Programs
•After Effects, Maya, Photoshop, Illustrator, Painter, Flash, Team Player, Hard Worker

Experience/Job Experience

Cupcake and Juice-
Freelance 2-D Animator, Storyboard artist
December2011- present
-Character and environmental rigging and animation in Adobe After Effects
-Creating Storyboards from a script and using them to make timed animatics
-Working with an entire team to help with story and pitch storyboards
-Consulting with the artist to show what elements need to be done to be ready for animation

Animatic Media-
2-D and 3-D Character Animator
Sesame Street’s “The Adventures of Kami and Big Bird to be aired in Nigeria
Various Animatics for commercials
July 2010- September 2011/ Freelance October 2011
-Working with Ad Agencies to materialize their vision on commercial spots through animation as well as art and reference for animated storyboards
-Character and Environmental / Object Blocking / Animation in Maya
-Drawing storyboard frames when needed, and making timing edits from given storyboards
-Instrumental in creating a more efficient standardized pipeline for animation and composite edits
-Character and Environmental Rendering in Maya using Mental Ray and Maya Software
-Character Compositing in After Effects
-Rigging and animation for various commercials and animatics in After Effects
-Photoshop coloring, and cutting up assets for animation
-Animatic timing, editing, and compositing
-Working with both in-house and foreign teams

2-D Animator, 3-D modeler, Digital Painter
“Hunter” the motion comic
On and off November 2009- July 2010
- 3-D Modeling in Maya
-Character and object Animation/ Rigging in After Effects
-Digital Painting in Photoshop

Kinetic Post
2-D Animator, Concept Artist, Storyboard Artist
Little Airplane’s “The Wonderpets!” aired on Nickelodeon
Little Airplane’s “3rd & Bird” aired on CBeebies and Disney Jr.
November 2007-October 2009 & January 2010- February 2010
-Working with an ad agency to produce concept art, storyboards, and animation for a commercial
-Blocking Scenes with characters and objects and then animating them in After Effects
-Using dialogue and storyboards to animate scenes to director specifications
-Using Flash to clean up preexisting storyboards and create new ones
-Working with a team to complete episodes by a designated date

Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts at College for Creative Studies, Detroit
Major: Character Animation Graduated: May 2007 with honors
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3D Animation