Carolann Sherwood

Freelance Article Writer & Biography Writer

Location:Jackson, Michigan, United States
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I have been a nurse for just over 40 years and am newly retired. I have written a 300 page biography (as yet unpublished) about my dad and how life was for him growing up. He was born in 1918 and entered the Navy at age 18 years of age. He had an amazing life and Navel career that I felt had to be captured in book form. I have also written a 200 page family cook book, detailing the women of the family and their favorite recipes.

After retiring from nursing I started to freelance write May of 2010. The articles I enjoy writing on most are anything and everything health related, from vitamins and minerals, to fitness, exercise, fad diets, disease processes and many more. I have written and had published over 50 health articles on Street Articles. I have written over 550 paid articles on two different freelance writing sites related to health, fitness and a wide variety of subjects not related to health.

I enjoy freelance writing on many subjects that I may not necessarily know about. This I feel only increases one’s knowledge about the world around us.

I have a web site and blog that is a work in progess through google at and