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Ryan Gutierrez

Freelance Comic Artist, Illustrator, & More

Location:Brooklyn, New York, United States
Phone: 732 770 0430
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I'm graduate from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. Freelance professional artist and writer. I've already independently published work I wrote and drew myself, and have worked on 2 current published graphic novels by other authors: Book of Lazarus by David Hauslein and The NoMen by Ascendant Comics. I am also a published novelist, having completed my first book, a fantasy epic called "Wesdeacon", sold on Barnes and I have yet to miss a deadline for writing or art, and I'm very easy to work with.

If you're a comic publisher and you'd like to send me some sample scripts, I would happily draft some pages for you and see what you think. If you're interested in hiring me as a writer, it's a fairly similar process of producing samples.

If you're looking for someone to simply help with costume desgin, character design, story board, or even nature and animal draftsmenship, I'm really proficient drawing from life.

I can shift my style dramatically depending on the project. With my background in comic art mixed with a fine arts education, I have a very broad palette. I work in pencil, ink, pencil/ink full treatment (this refers to hard black inks with pencil or ink wash for gradiant, useful for color artists), and water color.