Kevin Cantor

Freelance Graphic Designer & Direct Marketer

Location:Port Jefferson Station, New York, United States
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Kevin Cantor
(973) 270-7991

St. John’s University
? Graduated with Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management in May 2011.
? Also focused on Economics, Finance, Accounting and Marketing.

ENews Zone Media (2005 – Present)
? Managed and operated brand of websites including, focused on providing the most
up-to-date news on a variety of topics.
? Handled writing, editing, web design and advertisement selling.
The Daily Record (2005-2007)
? Worked as reporter and teen contributor.
? Covered subjects including politics, entertainment and sports. (2007 – Present)
? Worked as site editor managing several TV show databases.
? Published 10,000 reviews of TV programs and films.
HRCM Marketing (2008)
? Worked as team associate assisting with implementing marketing strategies for various companies.
? Gained an understanding of how to promote from those who have succeeded in the business.
Independent Financial Advisor (2008 – Present)
? Assisted companies and individuals of all levels in appropriate investing strategies for their income.
? Expanded my personal portfolio which has been profitable since I first began investing in 2004.
IVNG Marketing (2009-2010)
? Team manager responsible for the oversight of the completion of all promotional and financial projects within my division.
? Worked on the creative and operational aspect of implementing new brand management strategies.
WebGage (2011 – Present)
? Main reporter covering sports for
- Covered the biggest games and events in NBA, NHL, NFL, UFC and more.
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Graphic Design
Direct Marketing