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Location:Brooklyn, New York, United States
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Daniel J. Burns
4530 Loring Street
Philadelphia Pa., 19136
email: dannyfburns@gmail.com
cell phone(786) 474-1204

Education: Temple University, Phila., Pa. Bachelor's in Journalism
Father Judge Catholic High School, Phila.
Saint Bernard's Catholic Grammar School, Phila. (closed 2009)

Professional Writing Experience: PR Assistant, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
My responsibilities included assisting C.H.O.P'S Media Relations Manager in interviewing and ghost writing for the hospital's medical staff, as well as proofreading and writing feature articles for "The C.H.O.P. Times". I also assisted in coordinating a free physical exam program for underpriveleged teens.

Oct., 2007-April, 2009: Senior Writer at The Certified Gold Exchhange (C.G.E.), San Juan, Puerto Rico. My daily workload included writing eight weblogs on deadline, which emphasized the financial safety and profit potential of physical rare gold coin ownership. All weblogs were drafted using crucial search engine optimization (S.E.O.) techniques. I also proofread, and edited daily precious metals market updates, as well as emails to premier gold coin clients from C.G.E. Owner, John Halloran.

June, 2009-July, 2010: Senior Writer at Berkshire Asset Management Inc., Del Ray Beach, Fla. I was brought on to upstart a writing project which clearly explained the benefits and risks that accompany a leveraged, long-term precious metals investment strategy. This strategy emphasized the importance of diversification between gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

References and writing samples are available upon request
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