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Freelance T-Shirt Designer & Digital Artist

Location:Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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I'm, A Melbourne, Designer/Illustrator/Musician, I work under the name, 12 Sandwiches.
I most comfortable, in my element, working from my home studio. I surround myself in treasures from the past, and try to keep up to date with the technology of today. But I don't have it inside my heart to dispose of the past as inspirational from my ATARI 2600 to my collections of slides, 8mm/16mm film and toys. I use my older, traditional Art equipment, then run that through my Mac Book Pro, CS5 it up. I'm never short of ideas, just room to store them and potential projects.
I started my art career making band posters, stickers, flyers, and then T-shirts. All while making songs for flash computer games and the occasional business card or wedding invite. My career up to this point has taken a new form with more ideas brewing. I enjoy capturing the imagination for the love of it. And to be able to share the way I see the world is a pleasure for me. I like concept that I can leave something I can create, so that imagery or sound can make the same feeling for somebody else to own, as I feel as I make the work.
Its nice to share and idea, but unfortunately eating is essential, and colours and sounds are not accepted at any of the shops that I live near.
Thank you for taking the time to look at my work, I would love it if you to let me return the favour. 12 Sandwiches.
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T-Shirt Design
Digital Art