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John Baumgarten Jr

Freelance 3D Animator & Animator

Location:The Dalles, Oregon, United States
Phone: 707-363-5352
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About Me:
I started out working as a desk top publisher back in the 90's. Went back to school after 15 years of that and followed my passion for animation. I've been animating in Flash for 13 years and Maya for 7. I can generate every possible asset for art needed for production. From pre-production for storyboards and character designs, to full on animation in 2D and 3D. I can edit in any format using Final Cut Pro, Premiere, and After Effects.
About My Work:
Because of my extensive interest in different forms of production art and not fine art, my range is very wide. I can generate architectural drawings and graphics for print, web and video advertising. My passion for comics and animation allows me to generate storyboards for live action and animation, as well create new designs for characters and backgrounds.
My Design Skills:
My design skills range from traditional pencil and ink, to digital painting utilizing Photoshop and variety of other applications to speed up the work flow. I do have a style I am comfortable working in, however, I am also able to adapt to any style necessary for the project. I am able to animate in Flash, Toon Boom and even Maya. I have also have extensive skills editing final copies of video, sound and voice into a broadcast quality or screen ready finished product.
Most Interesting Projects I have worked on:
I recently storyboarded an action feature film that wrapped filming in Northern California in May 2011. I had the opportunity to meet with several cast members, most notably “Marry Anne” from “Gilligan’s Island”, and was able to see my boards brought to real life. My most recent project is as the Director of Animation for a start-up company. The project is an episodic cartoon web series “Paradise Heights”.
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3D Animation