Chanelle van antwerpen

Freelance Artist & Magazine Designer

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I was born in South Africa, where I stayed for two years before my parents moved to Saudi Arabia. There we stayed for 4 years and I attended a Montessori School. At the age of 7 my parent moved to the United Arab Emirates and there I attended international schools from year 2 to year 7. My Parents moved to Canada in 2009 and I am currently a student at Sir Winston Churchill. I have traveled to many countries, having friends from multiple cultures

Work History
For the past three years, during summer holidays, I have worked at a Wild Cat Sanctuary, Jukani, in South Africa. My duties included the cleaning of cages, feeding the animals and walking the animals. From time to time I also assisted in guided tours. A list of cats found at the sanctuary, but not limited to, included the following: Lions, Tigers (adults and cubs), Puma, Cheetah, Lynx and jaguars. I was the youngest ever selected to work at Jukani based on my international experience and love for animals.

Until recently, I have work at Marble Slab, Market Mall for 6 months. I started off serving ice-cream but moved to decorating ice-cream cakes and other senior jobs. I worked at a day care center in Michigan for 3 weeks where my people skills grew and I am more independent.

The previous winter vacation we went to South Africa I also worked at a food kiosk. During the summer holiday in South Africa, Mosselbay is one of the most popular resorts, which attracts tens of thousand holiday tourists. The shop I worked at was one of the most popular ones as it was at the entrance of an entertainment park. I was responsible for cleaning, stocking the fridges and serving ice cream cones.

Personal Achievements
I entered a school art competition in which I received 2nd place.
I have been selected as Class representative for grade 9 at Tom Baines
I have just completed Grade 10 and I am currently in grade 11 at Sir Winston Churchill.

I enjoy art, the outdoor and working with animals. I also like motorbikes and enjoy riding with my dad on his Harley.
I love music and movies but my passion is to work with animals and people
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