Danielle Landy

Freelance Painter & Artist

Location:Denton, Texas, United States
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College of Visual Arts and Design. Major in B.F.A in Visual Arts Studies.
Graduate in December 2012. University of North Texas.
High School: Lawrence D Bell High School. Hurst, TX 76054. Graduated in 2007
with a GPA of 3.2

Work Experience
Lab Consultant. ACS Adaptive Lab University of North Texas, Denton, TX.
January 2009 to January 2012.
• Direct students, faculty, and staff to appropriate PC and Macintosh
hardware and software and adaptive technologies as needed.
• Answer phone, run errands, and maintain the appearance of the lab.
• Consulting with students, faculty, and staff on operations of ACS
General Access Lab hardware and software as it relates to their
academic work.
• Assisting students, faculty, and staff with disabilities on operations of
ACS General Access Lab adaptive hardware and software.

Cashier. Hurst Aquatics Center, Hurst, TX. Seasonal job in summer. May to
August 2008.
• Communicated with people on a daily basis.

Lifeguard. Hurst Aquatics Center, Hurst, TX. Seasonal job in summer. May to
August 2004-2006.
• Watched patrons
• Worked in a high stress environment.
• Made sure rules were applied so no accidents would happen
• Attended weekly in-services on time

Volunteer. Volunteered a month in June/July 2006 with Young Life. Windy Gap,
NC. Communicated with others on a daily basis. Spent Sunday morning working with the
two and three year olds at church. Volunteered a day to walk around the community and
talk to people. Worked with special needs children over an hour every day assisting them
with ball handling, games, different stretch routines.

Student Affiliations
Served as a volunteer for Denton Young Life. Volunteered on multiple occasions for student fairs. Served as a member of Sigma Alpha Social Club on campus.
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