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Connie Maria

Freelance Business Plan Writer & Blog Writer

Location:Denver, Colorado, United States
Phone: 602-752-0363
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Writing is my passion; but I am a savvy and happy business woman as well. I've developed unmatched expertise and efficiency in analyzing, refining and implementing systems, from basic bookkeeping and filing systems to complete computer systems conversions.

My business writing skills were born of the need to document and train, though my writing has diversified over the years; with skills ranging from academic research (refined during a graduate degree at Harvard) to purely creative short stories.

I’ve worked in numerous industries including non-profit (I am a successful grant and 501(c)3 writer), finance, technology and human resources (writing manuals and training logs).

My undergraduate degrees are in business accounting and database design and development (an early IS degree); my graduate degree is in Human Development and Psychology, Risk and Prevention. I have a fervent passion for the rights and safety of children and victims of personal crimes.

I recently finished writing a harrowing biography, my friends and supporters endearingly call a funny and gripping “epic life fail”, no one could put it down! I am very excited and have an editor cleaning it up for publication.

With as much diversity of experience and skill, I’ve learned to research, absorb and translate material quickly and clearly. I truly enjoy language and communication, and of course the people behind it. Hire me!