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Since I was a child, I have always loved movies. Everything about movies. Acting, directing, screenplay, cinematography, film score - You name it, I love it!

I studied film in school. Every course that offered anything remotely close to covering something to do with motion pictures, I took it! I also studied acting; theatre, film and television. All three are different formats of acting, but all are equally interesting and demanding. I dabbled as a background performer (or "extra") on films in between school breaks. While the crew would set up the cameras, lighting and equipment for the next shot, I would sit back far enough so I wouldn't be in anyone's way, and close enough so I could soak in everything that was happening around me. So much hard work goes into every single shot. It's not as easy and glamorous as it looks! When it took a while in between shots, I'd also work on my writing. I've always loved to write. I write poems, short stories and screenplays. I cannot wait for my screenplays to turn into motion pictures on the big screen! Then you can critique them!

What led me to this?
While busy writing, auditioning, and making connections with talented people in the industry, as well as fellow movie buffs, I felt that there are more ways for me to contribute to this industry that I love so much. I thought, “Why not offer in depth critiques of work that I feel needs to be seen and enjoyed by others?”

We always hear that everyone has an opinion on everything and anything. Stuff we like, stuff we dislike, and for some of us, stuff we know nothing about. It's in our nature to criticize.
The phrase “Everyone’s A Critic” really stuck with me. But, while everyone can criticize, not everyone has the knowledge, the observational skills, and the background in a particular field in order to give the public the most unbiased and in depth criticism.

When I started this, I noticed that a lot of the film critics we hear from today are men. That's fine, I don't dislike men, but I figured that there needs to be another opinion in this circle. A female opinion.

Enter yours truly.
Not just any female, a real movie-loving-critical-piece-of-work!
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