Christina Cenzano

Freelance Graphic Designer & Drafting Freelancer

Location:United States
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Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture, Arizona State University 1999
Tempe Cares, 2007-current, volunteer for fundraising
American Society of Landscape Architects 1999-2007
American Planning Association, 2005-2008
City of Tempe Rio Salado Commission, Member, Chair, 2007-2008. Commission member 2003-2007
City of Tempe Sister Cities, Member and Volunteer, 2003-2007
American Society of Landscape Architects, member, Southern Section Co. Chair, 2003-2005
City of Tempe Redevelopment Review Commission Member, 2006-2009. Chair 2009-2010
Valley Forward, Member, 2001-2006
Valley Forward Professional Competition, Honor Award, A DYE DESIGN, 2001
National ASLA Student Competition, Vision 2099, Award of Commendation, 1999
Landscape Architecture Magazine, October 1999, Future Block, Paul Bennet
City of Tempe Sister Cities professional exchange with Zhenjiang, Shanghai and Beijing China,  and Lhasa Tibet, October 2004
City of Tempe Sister Cities professional exchange with the Navajo Nation, September, 2004
Tempe Leadership, Class XXIII, 2008
Christina Cenzano   
Dave’s Electric Brewery, 4/2008-12/2011
Tenant Improvement Project Manager/Operations General Manager
Tempe, Arizona
Initiated all client contact for distribution. Developed and managed all promotional events.  Created marketing plans for potential clients for the distribution of product (beer), as well as onsite brewing production.  Design point of sale items generating menu and sales distribution on event nights. 
Managed consultant selection, created tenant improvement design, construction schedule and budget through completion attaining certificate of occupancy for restaurant and brewery. Acquired permitting for additional patio space within the City of Tempe easement. Attained 12 and 3 liquor license. Menu development, inventory management to include costing, staff hiring, development of staff code of conduct, inventory control for front and back of house. Implementation of point of sale for daily, monthly and yearly auditing.
Profit and loss auditing and accountability. Accounting controls, payroll, Maricopa County Health Department initial certificate of occupancy compliance, as well as measured ongoing compliance. Maintained (A) Compliance rating. Develop food and liquor rep. relationships, partnering with vendors during events planned. Continued maintenance of daily operational food and beverage equipment. Event planning and staffing, sales production for seasonal events including Arizona State University football games. Restaurant is located directly across from ASU stadium. Catering for remote third story patio. Partnered with local businesses and advocacy groups, including ASU alumni association, City of Tempe, and Tempe Leadership. Intermodal event planning.
EDAW, Inc., 2/2007-4/2008
Thunder Valley Casino; Rocklin, California
Project Manager- Project involvement includes conceptual plans, construction documents and construction services for Thunder Valley Casino.  Includes extensive hardscape development, porte cochere, specialized paving, 2nd floor pool area with planting, bar, pool, spa, cabana area, water features, and extensive lighting.
Phoenix Civic Space; Phoenix, Arizona
Designer - Project involvement included conceptual design, as well as creating Sketch-up and physical models. 
OTAK, 10/2005-2/2007     
Scottsdale Road Master Plan, Streetscape Design Guidelines & Preliminary Design; Scottsdale, Arizona
Lead Designer -This 25-mile drive extends from Scottsdale’s border with Tempe, an emerging urban high technology hub, to the city’s northern outskirts within the scenic Sonoran desert.  This project included working closely with the City of Scottsdale, City of Tempe, and the community-at-large to develop preliminary design concepts to 100% construction documents for the southern four miles of the corridor (from McKellips Road to Osborn Road). , as well as an overall master plan and design guidelines for the entire length of Scottsdale Road, covering a diversity of settings from urban and suburban to rural and natural. The project includes multimodal streetscape design that will enhance mobility and safety for all travelers including pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders, and motorists. Accessibility upgrades and bike lanes are proposed throughout the entire corridor. Streetscape design concepts include integrated ideas generated by the project’s public artists as well as way finding and environmental graphics.
Sky Song Streetscape Improvements; Scottsdale Arizona
Designer:-The project includes coordination of streetscape elements with ASU Sky Song team, design, and completion of 100% construction documents.
Design Workshop, 1/2002-6/02004
Rio Salado Pathway; Tempe, Arizona
Project Manager/Lead Designer—This is a pathway design for the Tempe Town lake north bank from Indian Bend wash to Scottsdale Road.  Project involvement includes Project coordination, Conceptual Design, Construction Documents, and coordination with Flood Control District.
Flagstaff Arboretum Garden Master Plan; Flagstaff, Arizona
Project Manager/Lead Designer—Managed and conducted site research and analysis as well as design in collaborative effort to produce master plan materials for client.
Arizona Canal at Scottsdale; Scottsdale, Arizona
Project Manager/Lead Designer—facilitated a series of working sessions with staff and the community to find a solution that would demonstrate the character of Scottsdale. Project involvement includes coordination and participation in intensive site plan reviews through working sessions, public input, city council, stake holders, city staff, and peer reviews. The series of site plan reviews set the design guidelines as well as the conceptual design the team was to uphold throughout the process of constructing Phase I of the Arizona Canal public plaza. In addition, there was measurable amount of time working with the adjacent developers and city staff to help define the appropriate land-uses for the future development and to help create a land plan that would enhance the outdoor public plaza experience and truly provide a bridge from Scottsdale Fashion Mall to the Old Town.
A DYE DESIGN, 5/1996-12/2001
City of Phoenix Courthouse, Phoenix; Arizona
Construction Administration-Construction Documents and Construction Administration- Project involvement includes completion of construction documents and Construction administration.
City of Tempe Comprehensive Transportation Plan; Tempe, Arizona
Designer—participated in developing a series of urban design studies with city staff and facilitation of citizen workshops in conjunction with the development of the comprehensive transportation planning effort.
Maricopa County Forensic Science Center; Phoenix, Arizona
Project Coordinator and Lead Designer-Project involvement includes coordination, and overall project design, as well as construction documents through 100% and cost estimation and construction administration.
Jackson Street Streetscape Renovation; Phoenix, Arizona
Lead Designer- This project is a renovation of the existing Jackson street streetscape.  Project involvement includes coordination, and conceptual design.
Phoenix Light Rail; Phoenix, Arizona
Designer—Urban design studies for incorporating light rail within the transit corridor of the City of Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa. Site inventory, along with preparation of conceptual site plans, preliminary engineering station site plans, and landscape site plans for the Cities of Tempe section of the light rail corridor.    
City of Tolleson Van Buren Streetscape; Tolleson, Arizona
Project Coordinator and Lead Designer—Project coordination, site inventory, public participation, cost estimating, design and rendering approximately one-mile of main Street. This project includes adjustments to lane widths, adding bike lanes, traffic calming, and widening walkways to create a more pedestrian orientated streetscape and city core.
West Valley Multi-Modal Transportation Corridor Master Plan; Multiple Municipalities; Arizona
Designer—A 42 mile multi-modal pathway along the Gila River and New River corridors and extends through multiple municipalities. Project involvement includes; coordination, intensive public involvement, setting up and participation in design charettes, as well as coordination with Maricopa Association of Governments as well as all stakeholders involved.
Glendale Community College - Music and Arts Courtyard Renovation; Glendale, Arizona
Project Coordinator and Lead Designer— This is a renovation of an existing courtyard.  Project involvement includes project coordination, design, construction documents to 100%, construction administration, and cost estimating.
Paradise Valley Community College - Literature and Arts Courtyard Renovation;
Project Coordinator and Designer— Project Coordination and Design for existing courtyard.  Involvement includes coordination and participation with the college staff to create a redesign of the space that would incorporate art, water features, and an intense use of desert trees for shade to 100% Construction Documents, including cost estimation.
Bell Road Improvements 94th- 98th Street; Scottsdale, Arizona
Lead Designer- This is a widening of a minor arterial.  Project involvement includes coordination and over all landscape design.
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