Debra A. Revell (Doc, nickname)

Freelance Technical Writer & Editor

Location:Winchester, Kentucky, United States
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D. A. Revell

22 years of technical writing and editing experience including project management and training of jr. and mid-level writers and editors
Over 5 years of marketing writing experience
Over 10 years of creative writing experience

To help your company or organization by contributing my writing and editing experience, marketing and public relations experience, strong leadership and communication skills, and training/curriculum development and facilitator experience in a leadership role or project manager capacity. My writing and editing skills include technical, business, marketing, and human resources fields.

Professional summary of skills
Technical writing and editing; Research and analysis; Applying business and technical writing styles; Researching and developing new writing styles; Marketing/public relations writing and editing (Web page copy, marketing business proposals, fundamentals documents, white papers, customer surveys, press releases, feature articles, company newsletters, advertising copy writing, and broadcast copy writing); Project management; Managing teams or committees, or being team leader; Marketing research; Event and campaign planning; Business writing and editing; Program development, evaluation, and auditing; Seminar and training classes development and presentation; Training facilitator/education coordinator and curriculum development; Public speaking; Photography skills; Human resources writing; Interviewing, mentoring, coaching, and career development for writers and editors

Management/Project management skills
• Served as the Information Development lead for modularized publishing for the business products division during effort to move publications to Lexmark’s Internet site. (1999)
• Revised and restructured documents per IBM (Lexington, KY site) needs for the IBM LaserPrinter 4019 refresh project in 1990 when PDR loaned me to IBM. My role was project coordinator and lead writer for a library of manuals as I directed the work of seven writers. Responsible for a library of manuals. Contributed some writing efforts, performed peer edits for technical accuracy, and acted as liaison between the PDR writing and illustrator staff, and the IBM Information Development staff.
• Maintained client relations and tracked engineers’ performance on call maintenance by distributing client call maintenance sheets to engineers on a weekly basis.
• Assigned feature stories to executive producers as I led weekly meetings.
• Recruited and coordinated volunteers to complete a bulk mail-out of the flyers and the city-wide distribution of the posters each quarter.
• Performed time management skills for projects containing 20 or more publications. Mentored writers on this talent.
• Led team meetings for projects or special document development, and led committees for maintaining databases of job procedures for writers and editors.
• Served as team leader or lead writer on numerous projects requiring mentoring and development of writing skills of mid-level and entry-level writers for Lexmark and PDR.

Writing skills and accomplishments
• Wrote all kinds of technical manuals, service manuals, sheets, setup guides, or quick reference cards for software, hardware, and firmware products for three companies.
• Wrote Web page copy for Lexmark to provide short descriptions of user manuals or other publications, so readers could determine which document they needed. Worked with Web designers to post the descriptions.
• Wrote updates and released a training manual on document development called Business Printer Division Information Development Writers’ Guidelines: Writing, Editing, and Production Tips for Lexmark. (1996-1999)
• Wrote white papers and fundamental documents for the Lexmark marketing department while on loan to them various research assignments and marketing writing assignments.
• Wrote department writing and process procedures for delivering publications to translations or production which were posted on the Lexmark Information Development Infoserve database, ID Portal, or department Wiki. Conducted a yearly audit to maintain accuracy of procedures. (2000-2009)
• Developed the user documentation for the Lexmark Optra S family of printers including the User’s Guide, Quick Reference card, Kiosk Adapter Option User’s Guide, and various other cards and sheets. (1995-1996)
• Developed the Lexmark X422 User’s Reference which was the first multifunction laser produced with all parts contained in one printer, as opposed to bundled models with a separate scanner and furniture. (2003-2004)
• Developed the first editions of the operator’s guide, quick reference card, and print cartridge label for the IBM LaserPrinter Model 4019 which was IBM’s first printer. Since there was no existing or predecessor product for this model, to produce the documents, I interfaced with over 70 engineers, developers, and human factors experts to gather information. Coordination of artwork development with three illustrators was required. (1987-1989)
• Developed a history file template available in both FrameMaker and Microsoft Word formats to enable Lexmark writers to complete a project history file faster since the basic text and tables were available (2003).
• Worked with the Lexmark Safety department to rewrite all the warning notices on inserting cards, PictBridge, and Bluetooth items. Provided the new wordings to the Lexmark editing department. Information Development department of writers could reuse the notices in all future publications. (2006)
• Determined the method and implemented the project to restructure the Lexmark Technical Reference into two documents. Certain document information remained in FrameMaker with a new title of “Printer Languages and Interfaces Technical Reference” and other information was moved to Vasont, a content management system, and gained the new title of “Technical Reference < model names>.” (2009)

Editing skills and accomplishments
• Performed technical accuracy and consistency edits on many hardware and software projects when my role was project manager or lead writer for two companies.
• Performed peer edits for junior or mid-level writers.
• Edited marketing proposals, company newsletters, weekly marketing reports, press releases, and broadcast copy for public announcements.
• Evaluated publication requirements to determine audience requirements and reading levels.
• Analyzed competitor publications to see different writing styles, trends in terminology, and subject matter they documented in order to change or better my publications or submit these findings to the Lexmark editing team.
• Based on a request that Lexmark use a more friendly writing style, I researched and developed a new technical writing style for the IBM LaserPrinter 4029 A Series manuals based on the friendlier style of Apple manuals. (1991-1992)
• Edited the Lexmark Master Consumer Product Division index prior to the master document moving to a content management system and edited software screens for the software development teams.
• Edited the marketing script for the Lexmark Optra Color 45 installation film. Aided the marketing person in correcting the script prior to filming. (1998)

Marketing/Public Relations skills
• Wrote white papers and fundamental documents for the Lexmark marketing department.
• Developed customer survey forms to gather information about inkjets, lasers, networks, and online help for Lexmark.
• Responsible for editing, layout, and word processing of marketing proposals, in addition to team writing of marketing proposals for an engineering firm.
• Prepared and executed a public relations/publicity campaign for nine play productions for a university drama organization. Handled the publicity budget.
• Wrote, edited, and created the layout of text and graphics for a company’s newsletter, and handled mass production of a newsletter.
• Prepared and submitted press releases to local newspapers for two companies and two campus organizations.
• Wrote feature articles or ads for the local and campus newspapers. Wrote television and radio public announcements to obtain free advertising from local stations.
• Prepared weekly marketing reports for an engineering firm.
• Handled all media arrangements and correspondence dealing with marketing issues for an engineering company and a campus organization.
• Researched several state newspapers for articles which led to possible work for an engineering firm, or researched newspapers or magazines for engineering articles on issues to update the staff.
• Served as the public contact person for students and county residents for one university organization and one university cable television show.
• Kept records of purchases, television and radio appearance dates, and dates for newspaper ads and articles.
• Designed, submitted, and bought space for newspaper ads to advertise play productions.
• Kept accurate accounts on weekly shows in production and previously aired shows.
• Designed posters and mail-out flyers, and submitted them to a campus printer. Planned and coordinated mass mailings and poster distribution.
• Recruited student volunteers to serve on crews of executive producers.
• Arranged for talk show appearances for cast members with local media personalities.
• Arranged for a city newspaper photographer and a campus newspaper photographer to attend a rehearsal to take pictures of cast members for the newspapers for each production.
• Handled arrangements for large holiday company parties and employee farewell parties.

Training development, training coordinator (facilitator), coaching, mentoring, and teaching accomplishments
• Developed and presented seminars on various subjects relating to writing, editing, index development, e-mail etiquette, and copy verification to PDR and Lexmark writers, editors, and other co-workers.
• Coached junior- and middle-level writers and editors on projects, so they were able to solve issues, meet deadlines, find needed information, and work with their team more productively.
• Trained and mentored Lexmark writers in: all aspects of creating the publications produced by Information Development, Adobe FrameMaker, how to use other department tools or programs to develop publications, how to determine and coordinate needed illustrations, and how to deliver manuals to translations or production departments. Developed and taught training classes on ProcessMaster, BookMaster, and use of the basics for a Conversational Monitor System (CMS) to new employees for PDR.
• Developed and maintained department writing processes and publishing procedures for translations and production for Lexmark. Conducted a yearly audit to maintain accuracy of procedures. (2000-2009)
• Trained six Lexmark American writers and one Cebu, Philippines writer on how to develop a Technical Reference.

Key Lexmark committee accomplishments
• Served to organize, update, and eliminate duplication of procedures on the department’s database. (2002)
• Served with four others to create a GUI or prototype for a database to house Lexmark Information Development procedures. Database allowed for many writers and a system administrator. Prototype defined the capabilities of yearly audits to alert writers for procedure updates. Prototype was used as the specification for a new department database. (August 2001 – February 2002)
• Served on two committees to evaluate and improve the department’s artwork request form and develop the steps a writer should take to lead a project artwork kickoff meeting. (2007)
• Served to determine the writers’ method to send reviews to subject matter experts within the company, so they could review and respond to documents presented in a PDF file. (2008)
• Led a committee to discuss the split of font information between two manuals. (2009)

Cost reduction or profit efforts
• Saved Lexmark Information Development from hiring a third-party survey developer when I developed customer survey forms to gather marketing information about inkjets, lasers, networks, and online help. (May – June 1999)
• Saved Lexmark Information Development the cost of hiring a training coordinator when I developed curriculum for training seminars and conducted the seminars as the training facilitator. (1997-2008)
• Achieved a cost reduction for Lexmark by designing new FrameMaker template page layouts that significantly reduced the page count of manuals. (March 2004)
• Saved Lexmark staff resources and production costs by proposing and creating one manual, the Lexmark Technical Reference Optra Color 40, Optra Color 45, and Optra Color 1200, which covered multiple printer models, rather than individual manuals for each. This effort was so successful, that it became the standard development method. (April – July 1998)
• Created and delivered a plan on how I could quickly react and change Lexmark Optra S User’s Guide files late in the development process, enabling us to be more responsive to last-minute engineering or production changes. (1996)
• In two quarters for UAH’s University Playhouse, I had taken this organization from debt to profit, and within two more quarters, based on the money taken in at the box office for productions, the drama board was able to move the productions from the free, campus gymnasium to the Von Braun Civic Center theater in downtown Huntsville which we rented for the dates of each production.

Work history
• May 2013 to present
Semi-retired. I accept part-time, freelance writing and editing work only.

• November 2011 - April 2013
Removed myself from employment in order to take care of my mother as she aged and then fought cancer.

• June 2011 - November 2011 (part-time, short term contract)
Researcher and database administrator
Perdue Law Offices, Winchester, KY

• 14 years, 7 months
Worldwide Information Developer (5 years, 10 months);
Senior Worldwide Information Developer (8 years, 9 months) [Senior technical writer and other skills (including editing). On loan to the Lexmark Marketing Department for various research assignments and marketing writing assignments. Performed as training coordinator; see training section. Performed as survey developer.
Lexmark International, Inc., Lexington, KY

• 7 months
Marketing Coordinator
Quest Engineers, Inc., Lexington, KY

• 7 years, 5 months (full-time employee)
5 months (on-call employee)
Senior Technical Writer
PDR Information Services, Lexington, KY
(PDR was an in-house publications agency which loaned me to IBM and Lexmark to be an on-site contractor for 4.5 years during my 7.5 years of employment which included writing for many clients including IBM locations throughout the USA.)

Internships or elected offices
• One semester
Assignment editor
Madison Magazine (a daily, local cable TV show at Eastern Kentucky University), Richmond, KY [Recommended by professors for this campus position.]

• Two years and one quarter
Publicity/Public relations chairman, drama board member, and secretary for University Playhouse at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. [Elected to the campus board. Recommended by a professor for the PR position.]

Degree: B. A. in Psychology and Elementary Education (two majors)
Institution: University of Alabama in Huntsville
Grade Point Average: 2.14 out of 3.0

Degree: B.A. in Public Relations
Institution: Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, KY
Grade Point Average: 3.93 out of 4.0

Memberships, certificates, honors, and awards
• Member of Psi Chi, National Psychology Honor Society
• Member of Alpha Epsilon Rho, National Honorary Broadcasting Society
• Member of Mu Alpha Theta, National Math Honor Society
• Hold a restricted radiotelephone operator license from the Federal Communications Commission
• Selected by Lexmark management to represent Information Development at the International Society of Technical Communication Conference held in Toronto, Canada (1997)
• Lexmark “Make it Happen” award winner for outstanding work for the Blue Angel Award for German customers (2009)
• Member of the Society of Technical Communication while employed at PDR and Lexmark.

Society of Technical Communication (STC) awards
1999 – Lexmark Optra S User’s Guide; Lexmark Optra Color 45 User’s Guide
2000 – Lexmark Optra M410 User’s Guide; Optra M410 Quick Reference Card
2001 – Lexmark Optra M410/M412 User’s Guide
2002 – Lexmark W820 User’s Reference on Publications CD
2004 – Lexmark T630, T632 User’s Reference on Publications CD
2007 – Lexmark 9300 Series User’s Guide; Lexmark X940E, X945 Setup Sheet (See on page 3 and on page 1.)

Creative writing
• Essay editor for the Lee High School literary magazine.
• Member of the Lexmark Creative Writing Group from 1998-2001.
• Leader of the Lexmark Creative Writing Group from 2001-2004.
• Member of the Winchester Writers’ Group from 2010 to the present.
• Presented several works of poetry at the 2011 Kentucky Writers’ Day Celebration in Danville, KY on April 16, 2011.
• Published author of two short stories in soon-to-be released anthology called “Before the Ninth Life” being published and edited by Anne Congleton, an award-winning playwright and author of Richmond, Kentucky.

Community involvement
• Active in Lexmark Habitat for Humanity builds for four Lexington, Kentucky builds during 1999-2008
• Lexmark International, Inc. United Way Canvasser 2002
• Lexmark International, Inc. United Way Volunteer 1999-2008

Systems proficiencies
Adobe Acrobat Distiller 7.0, Adobe FrameMaker 6.0 and CudSpan tools, Adobe Acrobat Professional 7.0, Arbortext Editor 5.3, Conversational Monitoring System (CMS), IBM BookMaster and ProcessMaster, Jasc PaintShop Pro Version 7.0, Jasc PaintShop Photo Album 5, Lotus Notes 6.5, Microsoft Office Excel 2003, Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003, Microsoft Office Word 2003, Microsoft Paint Version 5.1, Microsoft Picture It! Premium 10, Microsoft Windows XP and 2000, ThumbsPlus 4.0, Vasont 11.6
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Technical Writing