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Mandy Kruger

Freelance Graphic Designer & Logo Designer

Location:Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Phone: +27 79 899 3218
2 Skills
October 2010 to Date, Mandy has been consulting in her personal capacity until suitable employment can be found within the Telecommunications sector

Period May 2007 – September 2010
Last Position Held Various – See Below
December 2009 – September 2010
VODACOM – Terminals, Financial and On-Line Services - Midrand
Senior Commercial Specialist and Mobile Advertising Consultant
• Manage Commercial Online Support Requests
o Analyse and determine nature of request
o Investigate the problem/requirements
o Provide information and feedback in accordance to request
o Provide support within the allocated time frames
• Cost saving on budget
o Cost reductions on current contracts/transactions
o Spend / ratio of cost to saving
• Business Intelligence: Implement Reports/Report Automation
o Analyse report request with the relevant role players and ensure that report requirements are determined in accordance with the identified need/request
o Liaise with BSG to ensure that report specs are compiled utilising all the inputs
o Liaise with BSG to ensure that the final report is compiled once all relevant role players are satisfied with test results
o Review to be conducted to ensure that all inputs have been sufficiently addressed
o Implementation of process for updating/improvement of existing reports
o Ensure that all content partners/3rd Party Suppliers forward weekly & monthly reports
• Business Intelligence: Internal Reporting (Weekly Dashboard, Exco Report, CEO Presentation and Board Representation)
o Collate, compile and verify report details in accordance with the planned schedule
o Ensure that reports are qualitative and approved
o Ensure sign off of reports and distribute report to the relevant role players within the allocated time frame (weekly, monthly, quarterlyand on an ad-hoc basis)
o Manage the process of archiving reports

• Business Intelligence: External Reporting (Vodafone KPI Reports; Content Categorisation and 3rd Party Reports)
o Collate, compile and verify report details in accordance with the planned schedule
o Ensure that reports are qualitative and approved
o Ensure sign off of reports and distribute report to the relevant role players within the allocated time frame (weekly, monthly, annually and on an ad-hoc basis)
o Manage the process of archiving reports
• Procurement / Budget Management (Opex/Capex)
o Compile the Online budget in accordance with policies, procedures and budgetary guidelines (Income, Expenditure)
o Conduct validation checks to verify that financial information on information system is correct (allocation of funds, budget transfers)
o Monitor the budgetary actions to compare the actual figures against the budgeted figures and report on variances to enable corrective actions
o Conduct the budget ‘clean-up’ with regards to savings and/or overspent requests in accordance with standard procedures
o Determine and verify if sufficient funds are available with regards to purchase order requests
o Movements of transactions from databases are overseen e.g. purchase order, invoices, etc
• Risk Management
o Identify divisional risk according to product/service or operations
o Prioritise, rate and list risk according to Risk Assessment Review
o Ensure sign-off of Risk Assessment Review document
o Ensure that source documents are validated and accurately capture on the Risk Management (CURA) system
• Manage Projects
o Receive a Project Management requirement and analyse to determine the project management deliverables; or
o Execute deliverables in accordance with the project plan or
o Escalate the execution of deliverables to the relevant role players for completion
o Monitor progress if possible to ensure that the project is delivered within the allocated time frame. Identify deviances in performance managed and reported to ensure timeous delivery

May 2007 – December 2009
VODACOM Mobile Media
Mobile Media Operations Manager
• Strategic
o Inventory Management/Forecasting Strategy; Manage campaign planning analytics process; manage campaign reporting and amend processes
o Assisting Proposition Manager with New Media Propositions
o Key inputs into Mobile Advertising unit budget process
o Compiling and presenting management reports
o Master data creation and maintenance, including workflow functionality for appropriate support of processes
o Annual Strategic Plan and Budget alignment
• Advisory
o Create, aggregate and disseminate relevant knowledge on the performance criteria for campaigns on each platform for example: Vodacom4Me; Vodafone Vlive!; Please Call Me; The Grid; Player23; Yebo Radio; HomeGround
• Production
o Manage the inventory on all platforms in real time
o Manage overall interface to all advertising campaigns
o Coordinate the inflow of creative
o Ensure that the creative complies with current standard formatting
o Plan the go-live and termination of campaigns on the various platforms
o Provide support to the Sales Team in terms of updated status of all platform inventory availability and current usage
• Reporting
o Gather all reports on performance of all media platforms
o Gather full reports on all advertising activities on all media platforms
o Ensure that reports are audited and verified; coordinate reports for advertisers/clients/Sales Houses (with the Sales Team)
• Analytics
o Coordinate market research with Market Intelligence Team
o Coordinate research with brand/advertisers on an ongoing basis
o Compile research criteria
o Compile reports
o Ensure that the Sales Team and the platform development teams understand the ongoing changes in customer needs
o Customer Profiling; Improve and standardise customer segmentation and targeting for campaigns
o Standardise and facilitate customer research/case studies
o Measure the effects and profitability of Mobile Marketing Campaigns
o Create value with our Customer data.
• Information Management
o Ensure that all group documents are available on shared folders;
o Manage SLA terms with the Platform Owners
o Standardise and facilitate customer research/case studies
• Project Management
o Schedule; Budget; Resources, Risk and Changes
o Management of all technical requirements for Mobile Advertising including working with external development teams from scoping to testing and implementation
• Portfolio Management
o Work closely with the Mobile Advertising Portfolio Managers on all their Mobile Media Projects from initial research, needs and requirements to implementation and systems/software/technical development
o Management of Mobile Advertising Portfolio once launched
• 3rd Party/Supplier/WASP Management
o Develop relationships & managed Financials with required 3rd Party for Mobile Advertising
o Develop & manage all relationships with Mobile/Media Associations: Admob; InMobi; Mobile Media Association
o Online Publishers Association; Direct Marketing Association
o Align Mobile Advertising with WASPA regulations
o Build relationships with WASP’s as Mobile Advertising Customers
o Contractual Agreements
• Internal Vodacom/Vodafone Managing Committee
o Sat on the SCM CC Forum: Internal Online Management Committee
o Mobile Advertising Sales Team
o Worked closely with the Mobile Advertising Sales team which included internal Media Consultants, Internal Vodacom Departments & External Sales Houses & Advertising Agencies
o Presented regular Sales Workshops
o Management of all Sales Reports for Mobile Advertising Sales Team, EHOD Management Reports, ME Management Reports, Exco Board Reports and Vodafone Reports
• Procurement
o Management of all procurement activities
o Completion of all budget requirements at the beginning of each financial fiscal
o Management of budget for Mobile Advertising Division
o Budget Management reports

Salary R 569 190.83 plus management
bonus which was R98 000

Reason for Leaving Re-structure of Online department twice within three months. Mobile Advertising moved out of Vodacom into Vodacom Ventures

Period June 2003 – 2007
Last Position Held Head: Marketing, Culture, Administration, Facilities and IT Function
• Plan direct, or co-ordinate the organizational culture, administration, logistics and facilities management and information and technology, including formulating policies, managing daily logistics, and functional area of management or administration, such as personnel, or administration services
• Direct and co-ordinate activities establishing the culture of the departments
• Manage staff; prepare work schedules and assigning of specific duties
• Establish and implement departmental policies, goals, objectives and procedures, conferring with board members, organizational officials, and staff members as necessary
• Increase the performance of our organization to create competitive advantage by improving the organizational culture
• To build a flexible, change adaptable organization
• To identify the factors that can improve the efficiency of the organization and department
• Develop an action plan and strategy with positive results
• Align the organizations culture with the organization’s strategy
• To be the “Building Manager” for the organization, ensuring statutory compliance and being the primary contact in respect of organizational maintenance and development matters, undertaking risk assessments, organizing emergency procedures, liaising with branches eliciting their co-operation or informing them of developments
• Undertake space audits and to optimize the utilization of space (departmental; administrative; branch) in the interests of the organization and client groups
• Ensure that all the services provided excel in performance standards and meet all customer expectations
• The guidelines for all standards to be set in accordance with the customer service department
• Ensure that all legislative requirements are met
• To take ownership for the business and suggest improvements which will result in increase income and/or reduced costs
• Liaise, report and maintain standards on specialize areas such as maintenance, functions, catering and cleaning
• Liaise with internal and external providers to obtain the best level of service for organization
• Actively seek to determine internal and external customer requirements
• To meet, and whenever possible, exceed their needs
• Take full responsibility for general supervision and control of organized events, paying particular attention to legislative compliance, including the health and safety and welfare of people, the safety of the organization’s assets and licensing requirements
• Is an active participant in all management and working groups as required by top management
• Communicate and drive ideas and culture
• Receive training and use the knowledge for the benefit of the organization and for personal development
• Follow the purchasing and stock procedures as prescribed by the organization
• To develop employees to their maximum potential
• Sales & Marketing duties
o Manage efficient and effective communications projects
o Compile and develop the Annual Report, Quarterly reports
o Engage with Business Units and Support Units for various marketing requirements: Advertising, Internal Marketing, Event Branding, and Marketing Collateral.
o Develop effective and customized marketing strategies for Internal and External marketing
o Review creative development for alignment with the marketing goals
o Manage projects end-to-end from the business brief to the final delivery working alongside the business teams, and internal delivery teams
o Manage and collaborate with external advertising agencies, production houses, direct marketing agencies and other suppliers and vendors
o Supervise production of Print and Audiovisual collateral
o Be accountable for adherence of SLAs, timelines and quality of output
o Build and Develop relationships with the other units of company for a better understanding of their marketing imperatives
o Should invest effort and time in creative problem solving to resolve issues, timeline crunches and other negotiable scenarios
o Arrange and co-ordinate sales events/promotions
o Developing Sales Targets
o Track progress of Sales Targets
o Sales Agent Incentives
o Agent Recruitment, Agent Commission Structure, Agent Incentive Programs and Agent Training Manuals
o Targeting and promoting of the brand to current and new members
o Maintaining of good and constant relationships with local and international branches
o Facilitating and coordinating the Internal Staff Growth and Development Program
o Internal Communication
o Produced, design and distribute Internal Newsletter
o Managed editorial panel
o Provided staff with concise update of all relevant product information
o Develop Marketing Plan
o Strategic planning: Short and Long Term
o Monitoring Budgets
o Company Expansion
o Media; Television; Editorials
o New product development
o Fleet sign writing
o Marketing Materials
o Sourcing Suppliers
o Website Advertising and promotion strategy
o Researching target markets
• CRM Management
o Design Brief
o Project Management
o Implementation
o Report Development
o Training of all staff, directors, etc
• Operational Management duties
o Organise and supervise all of the administrative activities that facilitate the smooth running of the office
o Design and implementation of internal process systems
o Daily running of office
o Catering, Event and Driver Management
o Travel Arrangements and traveling to International branch on a monthly basis
o Delegating work and workload planning
o Writing reports
o Liaising with members of the management teams and shareholders
o Controlling the office budget
o Dealing with complex queries and complaints – internal and external
o Meeting with senior managers to review office performance
o Devising and conducting induction programmes
o Organising office maintenance and repair work
o Supervising the implementation of new office systems
o Arranging for health and safety equipment to be tested on a regular basis
o Reviewing and updating health and safety policies
o Take initiative in the CEO’s absence
o Filling and backup systems implementation
o Take initiative in manager’s absence
o Project, Data and Database Management
• IT duties
o Setting up of the computers and network for the entire office and branches
o Content Guidelines
o Intranet Design: Site Structure
o Site Control & Maintenance
o Manage backups, security and user-help systems
o Consult with users, management, vendors, and technicians to assess computing needs and system requirements
o Direct daily operations of department, analyzing workflow, establishing priorities, developing standards and setting deadlines
o Assign and review the work of computer-related workers
o Stay abreast of advances in technology
o Provide for data security and control, strategic computing, and disaster recovery
o Review and submit for approval all systems charts and programs prior to their implementation
o Evaluate the organization’s technology use and needs and recommend improvements, such as hardware and software upgrades
o Control budget and expenditure
o Meet the department heads, managers, supervisors, vendors, and other, to solicit co-operation and resolve problems
o Installation of hardware and software of computers
o Installation of hardware and software of server
o Maintain and update of all computer systems
o Staff training on systems and software
• Logistics and Facilities Management
o Consult with users, management, vendors, and landlords to assess logistical needs and requirements
o Developing business by gaining new contracts, analyzing logistical problems and producing new solutions
o Analyzing workflow, establishing priorities, developing standards and setting deadlines
o Assign and review the work of facilities workers
o Provide for security and access control, and disaster recovery
o Evaluate the organization’s facilities usage and needs and recommend improvements, such as routine maintenance
o Control budget and expenditure
o Meet with department heads, managers, supervisors, vendors, and others, to solicit co-operation and resolve problems
o Review and submit for approval all initiatives prior to their implementation
o Co-ordinate processes to ensure customer satisfaction
o An awareness of and strategic response to external influences, such as legislation, FIAS, etc is vital
o Monitor the quality, cost and efficiency of the service, processes.
o Co-ordinate and control the process cycle and associated information systems
o Analyze data to monitor performance and plan improvements
o Allocate and Manage staff resources according to changing needs
o Liaising and negotiating with customers and suppliers
o Planning projects
• Human Recourses duties
o Performance Management, Staff Contracts, New Staff Induction Program, Training on all systems and processes, Writing of Job Profiles for staff and managers, Monitoring Staff Leave, Keeping personnel records Conducting appraisals and maintaining appraisal records, Organising the recruitment of new staff and Dealing with a wide range of human resource issues i.e. Labour relations
• Administrative duties
o Determine staffing requirements, train new employees, or oversee those personnel processes
o Monitor businesses and agencies to ensure that they efficiently and effectively provide needed services while staying within budgetary limits
o Manage the movements of goods into and out of production facilities
o Review and submit for approval all initiatives prior to their implementation
o Management of office environment
o Gathering, adapting, storing and distributing information with the company
o Using information systems
o Providing specialist support to other departments and managers
o Providing document and telecommunications management
o Managing quality and cost control
o Rendering service to other functions within the organization
o Providing training and development for my own staff
o Ensuring that human and material resources are correctly utilized
o Meeting with other members of management and planning for the future
• Risk Management
o Identify & manage risk in area of responsibility

Reason for Leaving Career growth and advancement

Period June 2003 – Present
Last Position Held Marketing Manager
• Vuka Group of Companies consists of Vuka Properties, Vuka Water Projects, Sebenza ISP and Vuka Computing
• Corporate Identity
• Market Research
• Media Buying
• Newspaper Advertising
• Staff Training
• Human Resources duties

Reason for Leaving Career growth

Period January 2000 – May 2003
Last Position Held Director / Owner
• Creative and Graphic Design
• Brochures, Adverts, packaging, Posters, Corporate Identities, Annual Reports, Monthly Newsletters and Annual Newspapers
• Multi-media and Presentations
• Photographic Shoots
• Copy Writing and Editing
• Media Buying and Planning
• Web Design
• Event Management
• Business Plans and Strategies
• Accounts worked on
• Magalies Meander, Absa, Standard Bank Insurance Brokers, Fourways Mall, Village Walk, Simmons SA, Singer/ Pfaff, Pratleys, Place Direct, Interact Promotions, Harry’s Food Store, The Hat-Trick Restaurant, Kaya Rock Shopping Centre, The Book Place, GTV, Ken Hamilton Advertising and Paul Bosworth Consortium

Reason for Leaving Business closed

Period January 1998 – December 1999
Last Position Held Personal Assistant to Managing Director
• Office Management
• Putting in place of all systems
• All confidential correspondence and tender documents
• Client Liaison and Meeting
• Liaising between the Creative Department and Clients
• Staff Management
• Company and Client Function
• Travel Arrangements
• All PowerPoint Presentations from design to execution
• Bookkeeping up and until Balance Sheet including Creditors and Debtors
• Cash Flows and Future Forecasts

Reason for Leaving Started own consulting company

Period January 1994 – December 1997
Last Position Held Office Manager
• General Office Duties
• Staff Management
• Sales and Stock Control
• Bookkeeping up and until Balance Sheet including Creditors and Debtors
• Cash Flows and Future Forecasts
• After Sale Service and New Contracts
• Liaison with Head Office / Franchise

Reason for Leaving Relocated to Johannesburg

• Finance & Administration [+10 years Intermediate Experience]
• Drafting business unit and project budgets
• Monitoring and controlling budgets of approximately R8m [SA Rand]
• Assessing risk in products and services
• Analyzing process flows
• Cost accounting
• General office administration
• Basic bookkeeping
• Invoicing / Banking
• On-site quotations
• Ensuring that all clients’ accounts are paid promptly
• Compiling statements for clients, allocating payments to clients’ accounts, debt collection and working out interest on outstanding accounts
• Management[+10 years Expert Experience]
• Independent strategic thinking person
• Functional, quality and operational management skills
• Liaising with Senior Management and Directors
• Chairing, conducting and attending meetings
• Attending board meetings, developing documents for board meetings and directors meetings
• Troubleshooting and problem solving
• Strong delegating abilities
• Public Relations & Communication [+10 years Expert Experience]
• Dealing with clients, and resolving problems, this may arise
• Ensuring efficient running of office area at all times
• Very good verbal and written abilities
• Well-mannered, approachable person
• Research [+10 years Expert / Intermediate / Limited Experience]
• Work and study related research, covering areas such as training, development and training tools
• Revenue protection practices
• Sales & Marketing[+15 years Expert Experience]
• Build customer base – Identify new business opportunities and gain new or expand business on a national level
• Build customer relations
• Detailing – Utilize promotional material during each sales call to ensure call effectiveness
• Budget planning – ensure appropriate expenditure to maintain cost effectiveness
• Develop level of product-, market- and industry knowledge necessary to represent and sell products effectively
• Promote products in accordance with company marketing policies and sales strategy
• Plan each working cycle and weekly activity
• Maintain proper written records of all customers’ ordering habits and my specific sales objective for that customer
• Setting effective long- and short-term goals and objectives
• Cold canvassing
• Compose presentations of new products
• Demonstrations of new products
• Achieving sales targets
• Service existing client database
• Penetrating proposals, quotations and presentations
• Keep abreast of new products, technology and competitor activities
• Staff Management & Human Resources[10 years Expert / Intermediate / Limited Experience]
• Recruitment of new employees
• Job analysis and job descriptions, profiles
• Performance evaluation, management and motivation
• Training, development, mentoring and coaching
• Change management
• Attending to issues around discipline and grievance
• Negotiating for salaries & wages
• Technical [IT] [+10 years Expert / Intermediate / Limited Experience]
• Needs-analysis in consultation with the end-user and technical specialists [programmers]
• Implementation of information systems and related procedures [these include software, hardware and networks]
• Evaluation and amendment in consultation with programmers of systems where necessary
• Training of end-users
• Ongoing support and maintenance of database structures and internal filing systems to ensure optimal functioning of the system
• Database and data cleanup where necessary in consultation with data base administrators [DBA’s]
• Liaising with current and future clients with regards to specific systems needs
• Building and installation of hardware
• Server installation and setup
• Technical [+10 years Expert / Intermediate / Limited Experience]
• Production management techniques
• Work-study
• Quality Assurance
• Operations research
• Work Scheduling
• Preparing report concerning violations, which have to be corrected [Worked with professionals]
• Interpreting legal requirements and recommend compliance procedures to contractors, craft workers and owners [Worked with professionals]
• Process planning
• Liaising with current and future clients with regards to specific systems needs
• Monitor drafting responsibilities, products and drawings [Worked with professionals]
• Coordinate all aspects of detailing with schematic capture, wiring, harnessing, cable drawings and sand casting [Worked with professionals]
• Responsible for drawings development and detailing from conceptualization stage through final release – [Worked with professionals]
• Analyzing client specification and aided in initial design development.
• Architectural renderings and presentation of graphics. [Worked with professionals]
• Programming [10 years Expert / Intermediate / Limited Experience]
• Service process control
• Evaluating test/process procedures and documentation
• Service test process to new computer technologies and customer specifications
• Developing hardware control software and computer interface circuitry
• Designing and implementation of new system enhancements
• Programming and design on a portfolio management system [In service industry not manufacturing]
• Competencies
• Assertive Leadership
• Decisiveness and assertiveness
• Quality and high service oriented
• Able to communicate with purpose and clarity
• Cross-functional
• Team oriented and motivating
• Planning & Development
• Creative, focused and Out-of-box thinker
• Able to interact at a high level with top executives
• Strategic and analytical thinker
• Strong negotiating and influencing skills
• Delivery and results orientated
• Perform well under high-pressure environment
• Good presentation and business networking skills
• Able to interact at a high level with top executives
• Have dealt with high profile business men/woman and dignitaries
• Adaptability, strong client focus, trustworthiness, willingness to stretch, openness to feedback and learning opportunities
• Very strong project management skills: scoping, planning, reviewing, negotiating, delivering and internal client engagement
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Graphic Design
Logo Design