Kaltra Marku

Freelance French Translator & Spanish Translator

Location:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
2 Skills
Summary of skills
1. Multilingual: a. Albanian
b. English
c. Spanish
d. French
e. Italian
2. Computer skills

3.Capable of working quickly and accurately under pressure to successfully.


1. One year State University of Tirana, Albania October 2008 to July 2009
Faculty of “Foreign Languages”.
2. Participated in special professional courses in different subjects as chemistry, biology and
math for 1 year and an half. Albania 2006-2007

3. Currently junior at Temple University with major in Political Science and minor
In Spanish.

Volunteer Work
I been part of Avid Program for 3 months helping and supporting children at Munoz Marin Middle
school with their studies and any questions or concerns they had about different subjects as chemistry,
biology, math, social studies and literacy.
Phone number of the school
(215) 291- 8825
Contact: Edwards Elnita
(267) 259-4963

Work experience
Walgreens Co.
- Service clerk (cashier, cover lunches, answering phone calls, customer service).

August 2009 to December 2010.

- Currently Pharmacy Technician at Walgreens Co. ( typing prescriptions, answering phone
calls, put in prescriptions, ringing up patients, solving insurances problems or third party rejections, doing
orders and keeping confidentially patients health information). Also participated in a professional
training for a month and an half in order to be a licensed pharmacy technician.

December 2010 till now January 2012.