Nathan King

Freelance Wedding Videographer & Commercial Videographer

Location:Stafford, Staffordshire, United Kingdom
2 Skills
I am a friendly, happy and outgoing person. I feel equally comfortable working on my own or as part of a team, and I am very focused on doing the best I can. I particularly enjoy work that is customer oriented, and I am used to being set business goals and achieving them. I can regularly work under pressure, whilst keeping a positive attitude and having a good effect on other people.

In my spare time my hobbies include:

photography, video editing and the production of wedding videos
computers (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier, Final Cut X, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PCs and Apple Macs)
cinema (I’m a ‘filmaholic’, if there is such a word, and that’s probably where I gained my love of filming)
my allotment and keeping my garden looking swish