Jordan Budnik

Freelance Article Writer & Editor

Location:Milledgeville, Georgia, United States
Phone: 404-775-5836
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For several years, writing and nature have been my dual passions. Since being an editor for the Opinions section of my High School newspaper, I have made it my goal to submerge myself in the writing world. I am published in the Georgia Ornithological Society's publication, The GOShawk (about 3 articles) and--as such--find my comfort zone to be nature writing. I also had an article in the ABA's newsletter a year or so back. I can put a scientific or creative twist on any work, depending what is asked of me and am infamous for stretching a journalistic story until it screams (I will get the information I want to make the story golden). Copies of all the articles I can get hold of will be posted here.
I have some more creative pieces published in my high school's literary magazine and will soon have more creative pieces published in my college literary magazine, samples of which will be posted here.
So far, my illustrations have been only for lab reports or my own amusement but I will post several here and let the collective, omnipotent You decide if they're up to scratch.
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