Buzz Koffman

Freelance Video Producer & Video Editor

Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 416-919-0911
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My name is Buzz Koffman; I live and work in Toronto. I began editing many years ago when I worked as a volunteer for Rogers Cable community programming. I was producing my own ENG-style short reports, and taught myself how to edit these, using 3/4" tapes. The Amiga and Chyron machines were "de rigeur" at the time. Editing has evolved over the years, and so has my experience.
Currently, I operate from home on a PC I built solely for the purpose of HD editing. I use Adobe Master Suite CS5, with a focus on Premiere Pro, After Effects and Photoshop. I am also teaching myself how to use Cinema 4D to literally make limitless what I can create.
Although still relatively new at this (I've been editing full-time for a year now), I already have a few well-received projects to my name. I also used CGI through After Effects to replace an eye for "Clutch", a popular web series currently playing on Koldcast. Right now, I am editing my first full-length feature entitled "Advocate", and the director is very pleased with the cuts I've been submitting. This project will be completed at the end of February 2012.
My short experience is compensated by a natural appreciation and understanding of how scenes flow, not only within themselves, but within the context of the overall film. I have a fastidious eye for detail, and a strong sense of timing. I attribute this to my own personal experience as both an actor and film, not to mention the hundreds and thousands of hours of movies that I have enjoyed in my life, as well as viewed with a critical eye.
Also contributing to my growing success in this field is my ability to understand and interact effectively with software and computers. My formal schooling was in sciences, and I build my own computers, so this has given me a plethora of exposure to underlying concepts that translate across multiple editing platforms. One of my completed projects was a 12-minute short, cut in a day on someone else's Macbook, using Final Cut Pro 7. I had never seen or used this software until that day.
Although I still act and make my own movies, I have been bitten by the editing bug. I don't see it as work; I enjoy it very much. This contributes to my passion and desire to not only provide the best product possible, but to do so in an organized and timely fashion.
I am excited in bringing my creativity and exactness to your project, and look forward to working with you!
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