Abdalla Ahmed

Freelance Arabic Translator & Article Writer

Location:Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom
2 Skills
Curriculum Vitae
1.2 Current Address: 16 Langport Avenue, Longsight, Manchester, M12 4NQ, UK
Home: +44 1612732873
Mobile: +44 7817176977
E-mail: altom10@yahoo.com
E-mail: altom10@hotmail.com
1.3 Date of Birth – 01.01.1956
- Current Citizenship – British.
- Other Citizenship held – Sudanese.
2.1 Master in Business Administration. MBA, 1994-Manchester
Business School. University of Manchester, UK.
Courses studied:
•Analysis of Business Environment: Management of Labor, Marketing, Macroeconomics, Corporations, and Economics of Government.
•Analysis for Decision and Control: Financial and Accounting Management, Operations Management, Statistics, and Microeconomics.
•Strategies and Techniques of Change: Organizational Behavior and Design, Information Technology, Presentational Skills.

2.2 M.Sc. Human Resources Development. 1993, Institute for Development Policy and Management IDPM. University of Manchester, 1993 UK.
Courses studied:
•Development Policy, Human Resource Planning, Educational Development and Planning, Management of Training.
2.3 Non-Degree Course. Population and Development. 1988 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA.
Courses studied:
•Population Determinants: Fertility, Mortality, Migration, Consequences, and Policies.

2.4 Post graduate Diploma. Planning & Management of Rural Development Projects -1985
Pan African Institute for Development, East and Southern Africa. Kabwe, Zambia.
Courses studied:
•Development Economics and Planning, Project Appraisal Techniques, Project Identification skills, Financial Management, Personnel Management, Marketing Management, Materials Management, Project Monitoring and Evaluation, Project Support Communication Techniques.

2.5 BA Economics. Omdurman Islamic University, 1980 Sudan.
Courses studied:
•Principals of Mathematics, Political Science, Economics, Law,
•Statistics: Applied, Monetary and Banking,
•Economics: Development, International, Mathematical, Micro, Macro, and Econometrics.
3. Skills Base:
•Languages: Arabic, English, French, and Kiswahili.
•Experience and familiarity with Arabic culture including how government bureaucracies function internally and in relation to the rest of the world.
•Steeped in culture of government, European and UN regulations.
•Effective manager in introducing Western techniques in Business Developing countries’ markets, especially Muslim and Arabic speaking.
•Proven leadership and human management skills.
•Technically expert in budget design and financial management.
•Time-efficient, systematic working methodology.
•Rapid problem-solver and quick to adapt to new locations.
•Excellent organizational and analytical skills, ability multi-task, plan, prioritize and implement projects.
•Highly motivated and self-directed, willing to assume increasing responsibilities.

4. Employment Record.
4.1 Name of Employer. GMA Consultancy and Services Ltd.UK
- Post Title: Marketing Researcher, UK
- Dates of Employment: June 2009 to present day.
Major Responsibilities:
Worked in worldwide Market Intelligence Division as a market researcher, and project manager to support the company’s multi-client portfolio, and to contribute to their expanding adhoc portfolio with global clients such as Siemens, Honeywell, Samsung, LG, and Panasonic. Developed the company’s own research ideas and to help win private client projects.My job involved taking briefs from clients • Project management • Face-to-face and telephone interviewing, questionnaire design, proposal preparation, results analysis, report writing, presentation of findings to clients, and desk research using published data.

4.2 Name of Employer.KBR. MoD. UK
- Post Title: Interpreter, Iraq.
- Dates of Employment: May 2004 to May 2009.
Major Responsibilities:
•Conduct simultaneous interpretation for high-level Iraqi officials and UK military and diplomatic officials.
•Identify, liaise with Iraqi and coordinate interactions between Iraqi military and civilian leadership and UK officials.
•Translation of letters and documents between English and Arabic.
•Monitor and translate as appropriate Arabic newspaper, Radio and TV news.
•Provide advice on cultural sensitivities.
•Provide professional inputs on reconstruction and development issues to the Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT/FCO).
Contacts: Mr Sidney Brettell.
Kellogg Brown & Root (UK) Ltd. Hill Park Court, Springfield Drive, Leatherhead, Surrey,KT22 7NL
Tel: +44 (0)1372 862396 (Direct Line)
Fax: +44(0)1372 862153
E-mail: Sidney.brettell@kbr.com
4.3 Name of Employer.
United Nations Development Programme, UNDP
- Post Title: Poverty Expert, International Specialist.
- Date of Employment March 1998 to March 2001 – Nairobi, Kenya.
•National Poverty Eradication Plan in place.
•Poverty Research Unit and Library, implemented.
•Regular Poverty News Letter published.
•Poverty data bank established.
•Poverty investment maps produced.
Ministry of Finance & Planning, Khartoum, Sudan.
- Post Title: Planning Officer.
- Dates of Employment: 1980 – 1990 Khartoum Sudan.
Integrated Human Resources (HR) unit into the Development Planning Process. Evaluated the HR situation in the country and up graded their technical capabilities. Managed 15 local employees and 2 expatriates. Reported to the Undersecretary of Planning and UNFPA Country Director.
•Human Resource Unit in place.
•National Staff trained.
•IT and Computer Local Network installed.
- Number of years in international professional experience: 7 years.
- Number of years in national professional experience: 10 years.
5. Professional Referees.
5.A Mr Andrew Whelan.
Deputy CONLOG Programme Manager.
Kellogg Brown & Root (UK) Ltd. Hill Park Court, Springfield Drive, Leatherhead, Surrey,KT22 7NL
Tel: +44 (0)1372 862396 (Direct Line)
Fax: +44(0)1372 862153
E-mail: andrew.whelan@kbr.com
GMA Consultancy & Services Ltd.
14 Carmoor Road, Manchester, M13 0DY
Tel: +44 161 2743187
E-mail: mohamedadam@gmail.com
5.C Mr Timothy F. Smith
Basra Provincial Reconstruction Team, Department of State, Unit 002, Basra Air Station
APO AE 09374 USA.
Tel: (00964) 0790 136 1446 (Iraqona Cell)
Email: Tsmith.BasraPRT@Gmail.com
6. Travel and Leisure Interests:
Travel throughout Africa; Middle East, Europe and USA.
Major interests: Reading, Music, and Sport.

7. Profile:
My career has led me to specialize increasingly in the management of complex multi-cultural projects and their staffs at the international levels. I have an experience in the strategic forward-planning; operating within the tight financial disciplines imposed by ambitious budgets which I have helped to plan; methodical administration to deadlines (not to speak of crisis management where necessary); and the application of modern leadership methods through staff motivation and involvement in both decision-making and target-setting, clarity in communication, and easy inter-personal relations. My own cosmopolitan background and analytical interests in other cultures, together with a command of several languages, have also left me confident in handling negotiations that require the reconciliation of different national approaches to otherwise common problems