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Michelle Fetters Steen

Freelance Editor & Proofreader

Location:United States
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Graduate with Bachelor of Liberal Studies Degree
University of Iowa, 1992
Completed Institute of Children's Literature
course, 1986
Attended University of Iowa, 1973-1976
Attended Iowa State University, 1972-1973
Graduate of Indianola Senior High School, 1972
2006-Present - Dance team coach.
Requires choreography, teaching, writing dance
step notes, cutting music, marketing the team
1995-Present - Publisher, editor, proofreader,
writer for The City Gate Christian Newspaper,
Indianola, Iowa
2001-Present - Small business retailer on the
Square in Indianola, Iowa
1988-2010 - Dance instructor for children 3 to 6
years old. Also created a dance team for high
school girls
Summers of 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975 - Data
Processing Department, State of Iowa
1968 - First job at Alice's Doll Hospital,
Indianola, Iowa
1983 - Wrote a children's book of bedtime
stories; stories told to my boys when they
didn't want to go to bed. Illustrations done by
my mother and myself
1999-2009 - With the help of my parents,
organized a New Year's Eve event on the Square
in Indianola, with only two weeks of planning
time once we had the idea. The need for a way
to celebrate the change from 1999-2000 in
computers caused the Y2K fear, nationwide.
Associated Press picked the story up, so people
around the Indianola area heard of the event in
that way as well as word of mouth and
newspaper. Estimated 800-1,000 people were in
attendance, on 12/31/99. We held it every year
after that until the year my father died,
December 8, 2010.
2009-Present - President of Warren County Child
Abuse Prevention Council, Indianola, Iowa
2004-Present - Asked to be on Board of Warren
County Child Abuse Prevention Council, based in
Indianola, Iowa.
2007-2011 - Member of Indianola Kiwanis Club,
serving as Vice-President and President during
that time
2006 - Completed classes for non-profit
management certification, through Faith-Based
Initiative and ISU Extension
2000-Present - Organize and facilitate meetings
of the Downtown Development Group in Indianola,
which consists of merchants with businesses
around Indianola Square
Grandmother - as of this date (1/22/12): 1
grandson, 1 granddaughter
Mother - three grown children: 2 sons, 1
daughter, 1 daugher-in-law
1986-Present - Share Jafra Skin Care products
1984-1986 - Sold Mary Kay Cosmetics
August 23, 1975 - Married, and am married to
same man. Not many women can say that today.
1956-Present - Began taking dance classes and now
teach and perform at various venues
Birthday - April 3, 1954
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