Michael Cirelli

Freelance Audio Editor & Music Producer

Location:Nashville, Tennessee, United States
2 Skills
Objective I am an audio engineering student at Belmont University looking for an internship or available position for the Fall of 2011 and, or spring of 2012. From this, I aspire to gain hands on experience, which is necessary in order to be engaged in this field. Through completion of my degree I hope to obtain a position in a commercial recording studio.

Education Belmont University, Nashville Tennessee
Bachelor of Science
Major: Audio Engineering Technology
Minor: Philosophy
Anticipated Graduation: May 2012

Experience Sunset Blvd Studios, Nashville Tennessee
Intern Aug 2011 – Present
• Prepare and clean studio for daily activity
• Set up microphones, drums, cue boxes, etc. for upcoming sessions
• Sit in on sessions and be ready for anything that is needed

Belmont University, Nashville Tennessee
Tech. Assistant Dec 2009 - Present
• Build and repair number of different XLR and AC cables
• Build and repair quad boxes, microphones, and DI boxes
• Install gear such as power conditioners to rack mounts
• Repair patch point on campus performing arts center’s patch bay
• Gained understanding of how to use a soldering iron and basic cable wiring
Stage Hand Aug 2009 - Dec 2009
• Set up and tear down of music showcase auditions and various small performances on campus
• Assembled and placed microphones, cables, risers, and orchestral instruments
Relevant Courses

o Internship
o The Recording Engineer
o Recording Techniques
o Pre/Post Production
o Master Mixing
o Audio Engineering II
o Audio Engineering I
o Survey of Music Business
o Survey of Recording Technology

o Tracked and mixed on the SSL E/G 48 channels w/ Ultimation
o Tracked and mixed on Neve VR 48 I/O w/ Flying Faders Automation
o Worked with Digidesign c|24 and ICON D-Control digital work stations
o Used recorders such as the Studer A-827 Analog 2"and Otari Radar II
o Experience with various DAWs including Pro Tools
o General knowledge of tracking, mixing, mic placement, and session set up
Skills (2) Rating
Audio Editing
Music Production