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Rachel Ofili

Freelance Song Writer & Poem Writer

Location:London, London, United Kingdom
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Singer, Songwriter, poet and blogger. Rachel has written over 100 songs and is still writing. Writing is what fills her hunger. She is an entrepreneur in her own right, a business woman that does not know the word quitting. An ex-model who now carries her skills behind the camera as a Fashion Stylist.

Rachel graduated from Thames Valley University with a Batchelors Degree in Media Arts With Sound and Music Technology.

Rachel Ofili’s Odyssey is a true testament to talent, passion, pure grit and dedication.
Rachel was born on August 8th 1978 in St Mary’s Hospital to Julie Smart and Victor Ofili. After her parents separated her mother left with her to England when she was 6 and a half years old, without any knowledge of the English language Rachel had to fit in with her peers at school. As a child that is always keen to learn fast and little patience she was speaking full English by the time she was 7 years old.

Rachel’s favourite subject in primary school was English and she enjoyed it when she had to write poems it allowed her to be creative to be imaginative to speak her mind and bring it to life with just the pen. Rachel started writing poetry from the age of 8 which by the time she was 11 developed into songs. She won every school dance that was held every year and always got into the finals, but coming from a very strict family education and profession in the arts was not seen as serious so her mother never encouraged her to pursue this dream, she was always told that she would a doctor or lawyer as it was a more respected profession and would provide well for the family.

Rachel never stopped her writing and because of this she grew stronger in her skill and by the age of 12 was singing without any professional vocal training. When she was 13 years old she entered a singing competition with 2 other girls from her school and performed in public ‘Hold On’ by En Vogue. They did not win the competition but this gave her the push to continue performing and singing. Not long after she was put into care and with a different family due to family issues in the home. It was here she was placed with a foster mother that allowed her to follow her dream and who supported her in everything she did.

By the time Rachel was 14 years old she was offered a scholarship by Brits Academy in Croydon when she was spotted performing at a party held every year for foster kids. She was so excited and overjoyed that her dream was coming true. Unfortunately because Rachel was still under age and still under the guardianship of her mother unless she was adopted which she wasnt she still needed her mother’s signature…her mother refused to sign anything due to the strained relationship between mother and daughter so she was not able to go for her scholarship.

A dream crushed and a temporary loss of faith came over her but Rachel being the phoenix that she is always rising from any barrier it still didn’t stop this young talent from writing and singing more songs, this unlucky turn gave her more ammunition to write and to never quit, because of this Rachel made a promise that she can make it to her goals and dreams with or without anyones approval. Years passed and Rachel got a vocal coach and started entering competitions, collaborating with other artists and performing at her university.

In 2006 she decided to go to the USA to see what the music was like and what it had in store for her. Rachel networked and brushed shoulders with industry people such as producers, artists, models, actors that only some people could dream of. She learnt a lot about the art of song-writing, singing and the love and dedication people had when it came to music.

She was surprised when she was told how good a song-writer she was and felt good when people were singing her songs, with this knowledge Rachel returned to the UK in 2009 with a new beginning and decided that writing for others was so much more satisfying. Still singing and writing she begins a new quest that will pave the way for a new and unique Song-writer in the world of music.
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