Angelica Benedict

Freelance Report Writer & Video Editor

Location:Glendale, Arizona, United States
Phone: 623-205-3975
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I am a very opinionated person I enjoy writting and sharing my views with others. I do believe that it is very important to express yourself through some sort of art form whether it is music, art, or writting. It is a skill that many people possess whether they realize it or not. Writting captures a different way to view life it is more personal then music or art although it may be nice to look at or listen to writting brings more to the table as you read you can imagine where the writter is coming from. There is always some aspect that you can connect with whether it is on a personal level where as you have experienced it before or its something you can understand either way you can touch their heart or even motivate someone to do something they have wanted to for a very long time.
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Report Writing
Video Editing